Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lytro: A Cloudy Day Camera

During my honeymoon phase, I wrote about and featured photos from my Lytro in Olympus Lytro Pairings and Expedition Lytro.  I've now had the Lytro for a little over the month and it's been out on a number of other expeditions.  It's even been to South Carolina and back.   I've played with the creative settings and used it at all hours of the day -- both indoors and outdoors.  My conclusion:  it ain't as easy as Lytro would have us believe to take a living picture but I am getting better.  That is, as  long as it's cloudy OR I'm in the shade or inside.

Simply put, at least for me, the screen is virtually unreadable on a bright sunny day.  Initially, I thought that would be OK given that the premise of the camera is that you don't need to focus.  Just point and shoot and you have a picture.  And that is absolutely true if you want to take a "flat" picture with no depth of field.  If you want a little something more -- a living picture as Lytro dubs it -- while, that screen is a bit of a problem.  I'm hoping Lytro will fix this problem by the time it releases the next generation of this nifty little camera.  In the meantime, I plan to keep it handy -- when the lighting is right it sure is a fun little camera to have on hand!

Ginkgo Pairing

Lytro Creative Setting & Zuiko Macro Lens


Close UP

Olympus Wide Angle Fun


  1. Impressive. There must be special software for posting Lytro pics, no? Chris

  2. Hey Chris --they have proprietary software so that you post only to their site . no editing functionality in the software and they don't have it for windows yet. I guess they figure the apple users are more likely to buy the camera?