Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Traveling Objects

Reflections & Shadows of Branches, Boat Pond, Central Park
Shadows 'neath the Ice
The New York Times has been running an interesting series where they ask people to send in photos of the things that follow us home when we return from our travels.  It was a side bar to a very amusing story by Dominique Browning -- They're Souvenirs, Not Stuff!  Yep, I can relate to that.  I think i even know what I would photograph and submit when I get around to doing that.

Well, maybe not because I haven't done that -- pulled it out, taken the picture, and then describe why it is special.  Gotta work on that.  Although I think the Times might be flummoxed with it as the object in question includes elements from three different continents -- two trips  -- and the work of one very wonderful jeweler who put it all together.   When I do submit it, I hope it doesn't suffer the fate of my submission to The Metropolitan Diary (which is a really cool story!)  I wonder how long one has to wait before giving up hope of submitting to the times before submitting elsewhere?

I did find the time this evening -- despite feeling somewhat fatigued from the flu and two marathon days at work to do a photo shoot with my Lytro (yes, that Lytro that I have described in multiple posts but don't use so much these days).  You can read all about it in Expedition Lytro, Olympus Lytro Pairings, Lytro:  A Cloudy Day Camera, and Behind the Flagship Store).  Hmm, despite my nitpicking, methinks Lytro should pay me for the multiple posts on the camera.

Anyway, I was joking around with my niece about doing a photo shoot of the present my sister just sent me (an antique Korean abacus -- looks complicated) and a small antique iron that had followed me home from Arizona.  Throw in a couple of other objects and you have a Lytro montage.  But wait, I got to add a bit more fun to the shoot!  come to find out that while I've been on my small vacation from my Lytro, they've added a few bells and whistles to their editing tools.

So, herewith some variations on a photo montage that included:

The Korean Abacus (thanks Sis!)
The Antique Iron (found in a copper store in Jerome, AZ but likely from Europe)
A Traveling Gnome from Jackie Oh
A Koa wood Statue of the Goddess Pele (followed my Aunt Sheila home from Hawaii)
A painting of a Dhow from Zanzibar

They don't normally live together (while the Goddess Pele and the Traveling Gnome do) but until I find a home for the iron and the abacus, there they all were -- co-habitating on top of my desk.

Traveling Objects - Original

Traveling Objects - Pop

Traveling Objects - Line

Traveling Objects - Film Noir

I used the filters that Lytro has added (hence the names).  Soon I will need to tackle the perspective shift which I tried once but could not quite figure out what it was doing.  I'm chalking that up to fatigue so off to bed I toddle for tomorrow is another day -- and I need my rest because there is a huge N'oreaster bearing down on us tonight!

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