Cigarette Butts

I aspire to take a photo of a cigarette butt that rises to the level of Irving Penn (  Except, I want mine to be "in situ" as opposed to bringing them home for an extended photo shoot. 

The truth? My garbage photography aspirations are not limited to cigarettes. 

Times Square: Then and Now


Women, Walking

I taught myself how to extricate an external hard drive from it's case today.  There truly is a YouTube video for everything.  Now I anxiously await a replacement case to see if the hard drive itself still works.  Mercifully, I save my SD cards as back up but I really do need to spend some time more time getting rid of photos that aren't up to snuff.  Except, sometimes, a photo that didn't catch my fancy at first glance does so weeks, months, even years later.

The photo above was shot from my navel -- I kept walking and clicking in the hopes that something would catch what my eye was seeing.  For the two below, I actually stopped and aimed my camera.

End of the Line

In the era of COVID-19, the Trader Joe's lines have been long and yesterday morning's was no exception -- stretching three blocks.

A small confession: I have never really understood Trader Joe's which may be because I have always been someone who wanders the aisles a bit aimlessly in pursuit of a mental list of ingredients or household items. This is also the reason why I try not to shop when hungry.

Cans and Bottles

The empty streets of NYC on a rainy day in April during the era of #COVID19.

Dog's Life

I bet this handsome pup is used to getting lots of love on his daily walks. He was looking so hopeful that Mom would stop to chat with someone but in this era of #COVID19, we can't help wondering if the person walking towards us is sloughing virus no matter how healthy they might look. So she kept walking and so did I.

Success in the #COVID19 Era

I have to confess, I felt a small twinge of jealousy that he had scored paper towels. Mind you, I have no current need for paper towels but it's that sense of anxiety about potentially not being able to find them when I need them. The good news is that I did not give IN to the anxiety buy a two pack at that CVS (where they just happened to have some yesterday).