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Yellow Tulips. Sunny Day.


Street Art

I went on an expedition to find some street art yesterday -- specifically a piece that I wanted to see by Bradley Theodore.  It was a great walk around the Lower East Side (and it put me at over 13,000 steps for the day!).

So much free, vibrant art to see on the #LES not to mention Little Italy and Chinatown.  I find something new every time I go for a walk there.   The trick is to be content to meander because I never did find what I was looking for on this impromptu art walk of mine.
An Original TYNK NYC. Rumor has it that it is a portrait of the late #Basquiat #TYNKnuc #tynk #LES #NYC #streetart #street #art #mural #impromptuARTwalk #ownyourcity #nycprime_ladies A photo posted by Nancy L (@nlundebjerg) on Apr 29, 2015 at 5:14pm PDT

Bow Bridge, Central Park

It was supposed to be a short walk in the park on Sunday but it was such a beautiful day that it turned into an epic walk through Central Park and as with most such epic walks it took me across the Bow Bridge. That is, after a brief stop to snap this photo.

Bow Bridge by Nancy Lundebjerg on 500px

Skyline Reflections

Every so often I succumb to taking a picture that has probably been taken by a million or more people.  This is one of those pictures.

NYC Skyline by Nancy Lundebjerg on 500px


She was chasing birds.  It didn't seem to matter that she never even came close to catching one.  Joy.  Of the childhood variety.

Joy by Nancy Lundebjerg on 500px

It must be spring because...

...everyone is out and about and enjoying the sunny weather.  Including me.

Just two ladies dressed in traditional kimonos hanging out under a cherry tree.

Cherry Blossoms & Kimonos by Nancy Lundebjerg on 500px

Enjoying the early morning sun at the Westside Community Garden

Westside Community Garden Tulip Festival by Nancy Lundebjerg on 500px

Pelican Landing


Instagram Intersections

Spring has finally sprung in Central Park!

Iris in Black & White by Nancy Lundebjerg on 500px
Instagram Intersections I was hanging out at 30th Street Station in Philadelphia on Sunday waiting for a colleague (we had a meeting to go to!) when a wedding walked in.  As is my wont when otherwise unoccupied, I snapped a photo, and another, and then another.  I posted one to Instagram and then headed off to my meeting.  The next day, the groom commented on my photo and, to make a long story short, I ended up sending him all of the photos I had taken.

Does this mean I can cross being a wedding photographer off my bucket list?  Congrats to the happy couple!

Meet Me at #30thStreetStation #Philadelphia #killingtime #miniohotowalk #travel #trainstations #wedding #weddingphotoshoot #blackandwhite #bw #nycprime_ladies #trains #train #Amtrak #whileinbetween A photo posted by Nancy L (@nlundebjerg) on Apr 12, 2015 at 7:33am PDT

Times Square Style

Perfectly turned out for a rainy day in March.  I, on the other hand, was wearing sensible shoes.

Times Square Style by Nancy Lundebjerg on 500px

Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me

Except if I'm on Nevis. Those sunsets are pretty darn spectacular.

Sunset, Nevis by Nancy Lundebjerg on 500px

Sunset on Nevis by Nancy Lundebjerg on 500px

Church Windows

For a 36 square mile island, Nevis has a lot of churches.  These windows were leaning up against the side of the Saint James Anglican Church which is home to one of three black Jesus in the Caribbean.  The churches, and their adjacent cemeteries, are simple affairs.  Beautifully simple.  Like these windows.

Church Windows by Nancy Lundebjerg on 500px

Walking the HIghline

People watching on the Highline is almost as much fun as checking out the construction equipment (and projects) that make up the Hudson Redevelopment Project (Bins, Bins, Bins is the last (for now) in that series and lists all the others).

This shot is from an early winter day.  I always like a carefully thought out fashion statement.

Walking the Highline by Nancy Lundebjerg on 500px

Fishing Boats II - Nevis

Another Fishing Boat photo from our detour while on the hunt for the Oceanside Horse Racing track on Nevis.  These are a bit older than the last two and pretty much in dry dock.  That is if one considers being pulled up off the beach into a field dry dock.

I particularly like that the boat in the foreground is named James.  My father's name.

Old Boats by Nancy Lundebjerg on 500px

Regina Blue Walking Iris

The garden at the Golden Rock Inn on Nevis is pretty spectacular with eight containers of plants shipped in and planting done by Raymond Jungles.  There is a bed of the Regina Blue Walking Iris just off the terrace that is the heart of the Inn.  Like the Shaving Brush Tree, the beds are a strategic burst of color in a multi-toned sea of green.

Regina Blue Walking Iris by Nancy Lundebjerg on 500px