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Behold the Pelican

At the end of our cruise to the Panama Canal, the intrepid Nancy B and I tacked on some time in Key West.  One of the things we had to do -- per my sister Mary -- was chase Pelicans.  Fortunately, that was kind of easy as the Pelicans gather near the docks in the hopes of winning at the game of catching scraps from the fishermen who clean and gut their fish right off the boat.
I am not entirely done editing photos from that trip.  Heck, I'm not even done with editing the pictures of the Key West Pelicans but herewith a sampling.

Grand Central Passages

Like the Chrysler Building (Stalking the Chrysler Building), finding an angle on Grand Central that no one has found before can be a bit of a challenge.  I can't say that this is a particularly original shot but I like the the road that seeing other travelers sends me down.  Typically, it ends with some thinking on where my next big -- or small -- adventure might be.  The possibilities are endless.

Wedding Party


Liberty Calling


Stalking the Chrysler Building

I am usually running through Grand Central to catch a train (on the way out of town) or it's too dark for photos (on the way home).  Typically, I don't have my camera with me so if I do stop for photos they are of the iPhone genre and frequently find their way to my Instagram account (@nlundebjerg).  
The past couple of times, I've had my camera along for the ride, there was still light, and the Chrysler Building beckoned.  Hard to get a fresh perspective on this iconic landmark but it was fun trying.

Behold the Iris

Continuing with the flower theme, today's feature is the Iris.  There were still plenty of blooming Iris in the Connecticut Iris Society beds of Elizabeth Park in Hartford, CT.  There are some 200 varieties of Iris -- who knew!  I made rather pathetic attempt to identify which types these are just now via google and failed.   I did find two places that I want to visit during Iris blooming season -- Schreiner's Iris Gardens and the Mt. Pleasant Iris Farm.  Looking like a spring trip to the Pacific Northwest is in my future.

As to the one Iris that I do KNOW the name of -- that is entirely due to a friendly gardener who was working in Shakespeare's Garden (Central Park, NYC) when I was stalking the Irises planted there.  This garden is one of two that I frequent in the park (with the Conservatory Garden being the other).

Favorite Lines

What's in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet Romeo and Juliet, Act II, Scene II William Shakespeare

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

Growing up, we used to ride our bikes to Elizabeth Park (there were less hills on the way to this park than to Fernridge Park where we swam in the summer).  I can't say we spent much time in the Rose Garden but I do remember an occasional stop there as a child.  What I most remember about this park is the skating and sledding expeditions with my father.  He'd bundle the four of us into the car (after he and my mother had bundled us into our winter gear) and off we'd go for an evening of skating or an afternoon of sledding.  We had very traditional flyer sleds and there was also the family toboggan. Slide. Trudge up the hill.  Slide again.  

I spent a bit of time yesterday wandering around the Pond House and the Rose Garden.  The garden was pretty deserted for a Saturday afternoon -- perhaps it was the looming chance of rain or perhaps the lack of roses!   It's clear that there is a focus on keeping it rustic -- no paved walkways here but rather grassy walkways covered…