Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Rooster Bar

The Rooster Bar, #overton #theroosterbar #nevada #roadtrip #ontheroadagain 2014
The Rooster Bar
To be clear, the intrepid Nancy B and i did not go into The Rooster Bar while we were hunkered down in Overton to visit Valley of Fire State Park.  We just stopped for a photo shoot on our way to dinner.

You have to love a bar that is sporting a giant red rooster on a pole.  That's a bar with attitude.

Roosters, #theroosterbar #overston #nevada #roadtrip #ontheroadagain 2014

Bird on a Bike, #overton #nevada #roadtrip #ontheroadagain #utah 2014 #theroosterbar
Bird on a Bike

Big Red, #theroosterbar #overton #nevada #roadtrip #ontheroadagain 2014
Big Red

When in Las Vegas.....

Flower Balloon at the Wynn, #hotairballoon #flowerballoon #wynn #lasvegas #flower #flowerpower #balloon
Flower Balloon at the Wynn

The intrepid Nancy B (aka the B) and I wandered over to the Wynn to check out the flower balloon and carousel that now grace the atrium.  They were both designed by Preston Bailey and will be on display indefinitely.  The carousel works!

We capped our night off with adult milk shakes.  And that is how the intrepid Nancy B and I roll when in Vegas.

Carousel, #carousel #wynn #lasvegas #flowers #mirror

Carousel Detail, #carousel #wynn #lasvegas #flowers #mirror
Carousel Detail

Carousel Horse, #carousel #horse #wynn #lasvegas #flowers #carouselhorse
Carousel Horse

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Floating Market, Williamstad, Curacao 2014 #floatingmarket #williemstad #curacao
Floating Market, Willemstad
I find myself with a little time on the first day of my next vacation so why not write about another stop from my last vacation (The Doors of Cartagena, Cruise Ship Dos and Cruise Ship Don'ts, Aruba Waves).  As to why I have a little time, while let's just chalk it up to a reservation snafu and my not looking quite trustworthy enough to  be let into the room without having my name on the reservation.  Not the best scenario when you are talking about an old school Casino on Las Vegas with lots of smokers.    Sigh.

The third stop (I think -- they all run together) on my Panama Cruise with the intrepid Nancy B (aka the B) was Curacao.

CFS Panavera, #cfspanavera #cargoship #cargo #shipping #caribbean 2014
CFS Panavera
We did the tour that included the Hato Caves and then a walking tour of Willemstad (the capital) with a little bit of time on our own to walk back to the ship.   We learned a lot of facts about both the caves and the town on our tour -- none of which I can remember!  Suffice it to say that Willemstad is drop dead gorgeous with its multi-hued architecture.  Established by the Netherlands as a trading outpost in 1634, the town is a UNESCO world heritage site.  Like Cartagena, it was just full of color.

Queen Emma Floating Pontoon Bridge, #pontoonbridge #floatingbridge  #queenemmabridge #willemstad #curacao 2014
Queen Emma Floating Bridge
My favorite moment may have been the stately exit from the harbor of the CFS Panavera -- a huge cargo ship -- and watching the Queen Emma Floating Pontoon Bridge open and close to allow the ship to pass.  Or maybe it was the two iguanas sunning near our cruise ship.  It certainly was not the angry looking crabs that populated a small cement dock (also near our ship).

Curacao Crabs, #crabs #curacao #willemstad 2014
Curacao Crabs

It's on my list of places to return to for a longer stay -- there are something like 55 beaches to explore and a lot more time to spend wandering the streets of beautiful Willemstad.

More photos from Curacao (and maybe even one of the elusive intrepid Nancy B).

Thursday, September 11, 2014


9/11 Memorial #911memorial #NYC #memorial 204
9/11 Memorial

Over the summer, I visited the 9/11 Memorial for the first time.  I was taking a walk after work and had wandered over in that direction.  It took me a moment to realize that the memorial no longer required tickets and then a few additional minutes to decide whether to go in or not.  I'm glad I did.

It is such a peaceful, beautiful place -- an oasis in the midst of the hustle and bustle of NYC.  It is as if the fountains and the plaza swallow the sound of the many visitors who make the pilgrimage to lower Manhattan to visit the memorial and museum.  The names inscribed in the walls of the fountain invite tracing with one's finger and reflecting on the lives cut short on that long ago sunny day in September (Today, Remembering).   The names remind us of what a multicultural society the United States is.  They remind us of people who once walked among us.  They remind us to remember.

And remember we do.

Rose #Rose 2014

Monday, September 8, 2014

Body Paint :: Times Square

Ladies.  Painted like flags.  Wearing Las Vegas style head dresses.

Do they count towards my goal of going on more art expeditions this year (Resolved.)?

Body Paint #bodypaint #timessquare #nyc #americanflag #streetperformer #street  2013
Body Paint 

Body Paint #bodypaint #timessquare #nyc #americanflag #streetperformer #street  #BW #blackandwhite #B&W 2013
Body Paint (Black & White)