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Water for Elephants

I am escaping New York on the cusp of a lock down due to 2011’s first monster tropical storm – Hurricane Irene.This time, my wanderlust is taking me to a well-loved stomping ground, the California coast where I’ll be hanging with the ladies (Jackie, Nancy, and Cora).The trip was well-timed (phew) with JFK slated to shut down today at noon and NYC already on a lock down.It is as if Mayor Bloomberg wants to make up for all of the failures during the monster blizzard that closed out 2010 – the one that delayed my escape to Africa.
The move on the flight today was Water for Elephants – a film adaptation of one of my favorite modern novels.A love story set within a traveling circus.Once I got over Reese Witherspoon and Robert Patterson being cast as star-crossed lovers, I settled in for what was an almost flawless film adaptation.That is high praise from me – it is only the second time that I’ve said to myself -- film lives up to the book.Surprisingly, the other time this occurred was w…