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of Geese and Cityscapes

totally unrelated
I sense a purchase coming on:  Olympus 7-14 f2.8 PRO.

Inside Noah's Ark (or, more of the Oculus)

Here's the thing, I'm not sure that the inside of the Oculus (The Oculus) delivers on the promise of the exterior.

Hay Hey

A little hay to break up the cityscapes.

The Oculus

I went to see the inside of the Oculus. Twice. 'nuf said?

Dizzy. #insidetheoculus #oculus #wtc #oculus #construction #wtctransportationhub #calatrava #santiagocalatrava #architecture #modern #trainstation #NYC #nycprime_ladies #ownyourcity A video posted by Nancy L (@nlundebjerg) on Mar 3, 2016 at 4:09pm PST

Audubon Mural Project (Take Two)

More photos from last Saturday's expedition to see the Audubon Mural Project.   I think I need to make a bird list of some sort so I can keep track of the ones I did not get to or where the security gates were closed.  Sort of like what a birder would do -- right?