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My Denali

It's September 22nd and, as I wrote in yesterday's post, Wiggling My Toes, I've been home recuperating from surgery on my arthritic left toe since last Friday.  The whole experience has given me new respect for the "bionic" women and men in my life.  No, not Lee Majors (showing my age here) but rather my mother, with her two hip replacements, one knee replacement, and a hip repair.  My brother-in-law with his knee replacement and my friend Linda with her double knee replacement.  These surgeries are not fun.

Today started off well.  I finally figured out how to wrap my foot so I could take a real shower (as opposed to my previous foray).  I am more clean and my bathroom is less wet.  And, I got dressed!  More progress.

But I am digressing here in this post that is about the vast wilderness that is Denali National Park.  First, a shout out to my wonderful travel agent, Michelle Glass of Entree Alaska, who put together a fabulous trip for my niece Kristen (#thetr…

Wiggling My Toes

I've been off my feet for almost a week now as I recuperate from a Cheilectomy -- a surgical procedure to fix my really rigid and very painful big toe (in medical terms, Hallux Rigidus).  In addition to removing all the bony spurs, my podiatrist also removed the debris from an old fracture of that toe.  One has to wonder when I fractured it.  My guess is Seattle 2007 when I stubbed it really hard on a luggage rack in the middle of the night.  The rack was in the normal path I would take to my home bathroom but not on the way to the bathroom in my hotel room.  Jet lag, it's a dangerous thing!

The surgery was an outpatient procedure and the intrepid Nancy B (aka the B)  picked me up from the hospital about two hours post-op.  The B is a regular traveling companions -- our most recent adventure was a road trip from CA to AZ and back to CA (Junk Yard HeavenSedona SunsetsCoyotes Howling, and Along the Baldwin Trail).    She's out and about today visiting relatives in White…


Never forget.  

Broken Art

Central Park's Mount (home to the park's chief composting station) is one of my favorite places.  Typically, it is filled with mountains of wood chips and logs that have not, as of yet, been chopped up.  It's a haunting place particularly when some of the park's older trees find their way there as has been happening all too frequently of late.

Today, the Mount was home to something that was a bit more of a mystery -- a massive piece of broken marble inscribed on all visible sides with words.   There it rested a top a pile of assorted debris with its broken corners carefully pieced together on top.  Unexpected and strangely evocative of a gravestone.

Upon arriving home, I did a bit of googling.  As it turns out, the Public Art Fund had staged a showing of Jenny Holzer’s work -- Benches – in Central Park back in 1989.  Holzer is a conceptual artist who is best known for her “truisms”.  Some examples from the broken slab:  “Money Creates Taste” and “Charisma can be fatal…