Saturday, November 29, 2014

Tinker Toys in Reverse

Scaffolding in Primary Colors #scaffoldinginprimarycolors #scaffolding #construction #nyc #hudsonyard 2014
Scaffolding in Primary Colors
This is the other side of the tinker toys from my last post (Tinker Toys).  I spent a lovely (albeit cold) afternoon watching them put a part of this together a while back.  It hasn't changed much -- other than the fact that the construction guys are up on the 13th floor somewhere which makes it a little less exciting to visit.

Scaffolding in Black & White #scaffoldinginblackandwhite #scaffolding #construction #nyc #hudsonyard 2014
Scaffolding in Black & White

The Series
#1:  Hudson Rail Yard
#2:  Just Two Hooks Hanging Out at the Yard
#3:  Tinker Toys

Thursday, November 27, 2014

(Thanks) #GivingTuesday

Central Park Fall, #centralparkfall  #fall #centralpark #nyc #fallincentralpark #fallinNYC 2014
Central Park Fall
Tuesday -- December 2, 2014 -- is the third anniversary of #GivingTuesday, a global movement that was started by the 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation 2012.  It's the non-profit antidote to black Friday and cyber Monday.  This year over 13,000 organizations will be participating as will countless individuals and communities.

I'll be kicking off my end of the year giving (yes, I am one of those people) with donations to:

The AGS Health in Aging Foundation
City Meals on Wheels
Partnership for the Homeless

Happy Thanksgiving!

Orange, #orange #centralpark #NYC #fallincentralpark #fallinNYC 2014

Boat House, #boathouse #fall #centralpark #nyc #fallincentralpark #fallinNYC 2014
Boat House

Empty Spaces
The photos are from a rainy day walk I took in Central Park a few weeks back.  I chronicled my walk in the empty spaces period (it was a shorter walk than the number of posts might suggest):

#1:   Gapstow Bridge
#2:   Rock Climbing
#3:  Wollman Rink
#4:  Paths
#5:  The Dairy
#6:  Shakespeare
#7:  The Mall
#8:  The Band Shell
#9:  Bethesda Terrace
#10: Bow Bridge
#11: Imagine

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tinker Toys

Tinker Toys #tinkertoys #construction #nyc #hudsonyard 2014
Tinker Toys
It's kind of weird that the building on the southern end of Hudson Yards has glass going up on one side and yet is all scaffold on the other.   The scaffolding so reminds me of tinker toys (as opposed to an erector set) -- crazy good in a multi-colored sort of way.

Tinker Toys in Black & White  #tinkertoys #construction #nyc #hudsonyard 2014
Tinker Toys in Black & White

The Series
#1:  Hudson Rail Yard
#2:  Just Two Hooks Hanging Out at the Yard

Monday, November 24, 2014

Just Two Hooks Hanging out at the Yard

Just Two Hooks Hanging Out at the Yard #twohooks #hudsonyard #crane #mantiscrane #nyc #construction #LIRR #trains 2014
Just Two Hooks Hanging Out at the Yard
One thing about a big construction project (Hudson Yards) is that it takes cranes of all sizes to put it together.  The interesting thing about this particular construction project is that the Highline provides a pretty good view of the details -- like these crane hooks that were just hanging about on a recent Sunday afternoon walk along the Highline. 

Hanging Out #crane  #twohooks #hudsonyard #mantiscrane #nyc #construction #LIRR #trains 2014
Hanging Out
The Series
#1:  Hudson Rail Yard

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hudson Rail Yard

Hudson Rail Yard #railyard #hudsonyards #nyc #trains #lirr #rail #trains
Hudson Rail Yard
Recently, I took a couple of walks along the Highline -- an elevated park created from an out-of-use rail trestle that runs along the West side of Manhattan.  A new section opened in the past several months that winds it way around the Hudson rail yards and the massive construction project that is Hudson Yards.  Spanning 28 acres, it is the largest private real estate development in US history.  Unfortunately for those of us who love trains, when it's all done, it will cover about three quarters of the rail yard.  Best better get our pictures while we can!

Hudson Rail Yard - Looking North #hudsonrailyardlookingnorth #railyard #hudsonyards #nyc #trains #lirr #rail #trains
Hudson Rail Yard -- Looking North

Friday, November 14, 2014

Leaf Compositions :: Bedazzled

Bedazzled #fall #fallincentralpark #leaves #foliage #fallenleaves #rainyday #nyc 2014
Bedazzled (1)

Just before the end of my little rainy day jaunt in Central Park (it began at  Gapstow Bridge and ended at the Imagine mosaic with many a stop in between). I spent some time looking down.  At fallen leaves to be exact.  Rain fall and fallen leaves make for some interesting compositions.

Bedazzled #fall #fallincentralpark #leaves #foliage #fallenleaves #rainyday #nyc 2014
Bedazzled (2)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Imagine :: Empty Spaces 11

What better spot to end this impromptu tour of Central Park on a rainy day than at the Imagine mosaic that is the centerpiece of Strawberry Fields, a living memorial to the singer, song-writer John Lennon.

I love this mosaic but it is hardly ever as peaceful as it was on a rainy day at the beginning of November.  Imagine.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bow Bridge :: Empty Spaces 10

Empty Bridge, #emptybridge #bowbridge #centralpark #nyc #fall #fallfoliage #rainyday 2014
Empty Bridge
This bridge is a stop for many a formal engagement picture but not on a rainy Saturday in November.  On that day, the Bow Bridge was pretty devoid of foot traffic.  It marks the point where I decided I was a bit too cold to walk the rest of the way home and turned off for points west and the park exit as 72nd street.

Bow Bridge, #emptybridge #bowbridge #centralpark #nyc #fall #fallfoliage #rainyday 2014
Bow Bridge on a Rainy Day

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bethesda Terrace :: Empty Spaces 9

OK, not technically an empty space but if you've ever been around Bethesda Terrace (the main architectural feature of Central Park) on a sunny day you'll understand how empty it felt to this New Yorker out for a rainy day walk in Central Park on the eve of the NYC marathon (this series of posts  starts with Gapstow Bridge and follows me north on a rainy day walk through Central Park).

The Arcade

Bethesda arcade, #bethesdaarcade #centralpark #mintontileceiling 2014
Bethesda Arcade
The Minton Tile Ceiling in the Bethesda Terrace Arcade is a must see for anyone visiting the park.  Most (as evidenced by the picture above) are more fascinated with the fountain that lies beyond the arcade.   On a rainy day, it was nice to pause in the arcade, swap out my lenses, and take shelter from the rain.  The lights were lit so the ceiling made for a particularly warm glow against the gray day outside.

Minton Tile Ceiling, #bethesdaarcade #centralpark #mintontileceiling 2014
Minton Tile Ceiling

The Fountain

I have yet to take a picture of the Bethesda Terrace Foundation that I think does it justice.  My rainy day jaunt was no different.  It's kind of like the Brooklyn Bridge -- so iconic and so often photographed that it's hard to figure out how to show a different side.  So I zoom in on the details and hope that someday I'll figure out an original angle on the whole thing.

Bethesda Cherubs, #bethesdacherubs #centralpark #bethesdafountain #fountain 2014
Bethesda Cherubs
There was something about the way the water was blowing in the wind that that drew my eye to the cherubs that support the Angels of the Water.  They are but supporting players and oft overlooked behind the veil of water that is usually their curtain.

Bethesda Cherub, #bethesdacherub #centralpark #bethesdafountain #fountain 2014
Bethesda Cherub

The Water Plants

Water Lilies, #waterlilies #centralpark #bethesdafountain #waterplants 2014
Water Lilies - Bethesda Fountain
I fell in love with photography on a rainy November day in Central Park in 2008 and it was a photo of a water lily that marked that singular moment when one finds one's passion. Photography led to blogging -- reuniting me with writing for the sake of writing as opposed to writing as a means to an end.  I always think of that day, that moment when i visit Bethesda Fountain and no more so than on another November rainy day walk in Central Park.

Soon the fountain will be drained and the plants nothing but a memory to be treasured until spring rolls around again next year.

Blowing in the Wind, #blowinginthewind #centralpark #bethesdafountain #waterplants 2014
Blowing in the Wind

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Band Shell :: Empty Spaces 8

The Bandshell, #thebandshell #centralpark #nyc #fall #fallfoliage #rainyday 2014

It wasn't a great day to be a food vendor in Central Park.  Saturday, November 1, 2014 that is.

Slow Day at the Cart, #slowdayatthecart #thebandshell #centralpark #nyc #fall #fallfoliage #rainyday 2014
Slow Day at the Cart

Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Mall :: Empty Spaces 7

The Mall, #themall #centralpark #nyc #fall #fallfoliage #rainyday 2014 #fall #fallfoliage
The Mall
The mall is the grand boulevard of Central Park -- it is typically crowded with vendors, performers, artists, walkers, runners, and dogs.  It draws tourists and New Yorkers alike.   The mall stretches from the park drive up to Bethesda Terrace.  It was pretty deserted on a rainy Saturday with New Yorkers walking their dogs or hurrying along to the next destination and tourists hastily consulting maps and checking off that they'd seen the mall.

It may not have been completely empty but surely it was emptier than I've ever seen it.

Empty Benches, #emptybenches #parkbenches #themall #centralpark #nyc #fall #fallfoliage #rainyday 2014
Empty Benches

Friday, November 7, 2014

Shakespeare :: Empty Spaces 6

Will stands at the southern end of the mall -- informally known as Literary Walk.  His was the first statue to be commissioned.  I am waiting for a sculpture of a woman to be added to the pantheon of writers featured here.  My vote?  Emily Dickinson of course!

William Shakespeare, #literarywalk #themall #centralpark #nyc #fall #fallfoliage #rainyday 2014
William Shakespeare

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Dairy :: Empty Spaces 5

The Dairy, #theDairy #centralpark #fall #nyc #fallfoliage #rainyday 2014
The Dairy
I don't spend a lot of time at the Dairy -- it just never seems to be on the route I typically take when walking in the park below 72nd Street.   There are some notable exceptions -- my 2012 search for the Sing for Hope Pianos (I am Opus the Octopus and I Love Music) and last year's Jazz & Colors Festival (which is returning to the park this year -- sadly on a day I can't go (whine)).

Warm Light Beckons on Rainy Day, #warmlightbeckonsonarainyday #centralpark #fall #nyc #fallfoliage #rainyday 2014
Warm Lighting Beckons on a Rainy Day
Like the Paths (my last post), the porch (for lack of a better word) of the Dairy was not entirely empty the visitor center/gift shop had just opened and a man was sorting his things while sheltering from the rain.

Rainy Day Shelter, #rainydayshelter #centralpark #fall #nyc #fallfoliage #rainyday 2014
Rainy Day Shelter

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Paths :: Empty Spaces 4

There are loads of paths and walkways in Central Park and my favorites are typically up in the northern hinterlands.  Mainly because they are less crowded than those below 72nd street.  Not so on the first Saturday in November (this is the fourth in a series that chronicles my rainy day walk through the lower park and that starts with Gapstow Bridge).

The walkway below is usually quite crowded given that it it is a fairly straight route for those who want to cut across the park from East to West (or West to East for that matter).   The only people stirring when I was there last Saturday were three guys.  On a normal (busy) weekend day,  Driprock Arch houses a musician (saxophone or violin being the norm) and the puddle marks the summer home of many a blower of big bubbles (Blowing Bubbles).  

Driprock Arch, #driprockarch #bridge #centralpark #nyc #rainyday #fall #fallfoliage 2014
Driprock Arch
The path below is one of the western exits from Bethesda Terrace -- taking you towards Cherry Hill, Strawberry Fields, and -- most importantly to me -- the stand of ginkgo trees that overlooks the Cherry Hill Fountain.  The fountain plaza is an obligatory photo stop for the carriage and pedicab rides that are ubiquitous in this section of Central Park (particularly during Cherry Blossom Season).  The ginkgoes,on the other hand, are an obligatory photo stop for whenever I find myself in this neck of the park.  And stop I did.  Alas, there were no golden tones to the leaves as of yet.  In maybe the only sad moment of the day, I moved on with nary a photograph.  The density of the leaves makes it oh so hard to photograph them with some some sunlight to create shadows (see Short Bursts: Golden Gingkoes and Mad About Fall Gingkoes).

Exiting Bethesda Terrace, #exitingbethesdaterrace #bethesdaterrace #centralpark #nyc 2014 #fall #fallfoliage
Exiting Bethesda Terrace
The lovely little path below takes one along the shores of the Lake into Wagner's Cove.  I discovered it  last fall when I followed a couple onto it from the paved walkway that leads west from Bow Bridge to Cherry Hill (When in Rome).  It was a bit wet and soggy but totally worth the detour.  But then again, getting off the beaten path generally is always worth the detour!

Wagner's Cove Path, #wagnerscovepath #centralpark #wagnerscove 2014 #rainyday #fall #foliage
Wagner's Cove Path

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Wollman Rink :: Empty Spaces 3

Wollman Rink on a Rainy Day, #wollmanrink #iceskating #centralpark #nyc 2014
Wollman Rink on a Rainy Day
I can honestly say that I have never seen Wollman Rink completely empty.   There were a few people lurking on the North side taking photos but in general, it was a very empty and lonely rink last Saturday morning.  It was just a tad bet before opening time so maybe it got a bit busier later in the day.

The Terrace Overlooking Wollman Rink, #wollmanrink #iceskating #centralpark #nyc 2014
The Terrace Overlooking Wollman Rink

Monday, November 3, 2014

Rock Climbing :: Empty Spaces 2

Lone Umbrella, #umbrella #loneumbrella #rocks #centralpark #rainyday #nyc 2014
As I was leaving the rocks overlooking the Gapstow Bridge, a Japanese couple was arriving.  I hope they got some good shots of her overlooking the bridge.

There is another set of rocks along the path that meanders its way north from the pond that is home to lots of rock scramblers who often take as a starting point the stairs to the path that wends its way around this outcropping.  It's not particularly tall but makes for a good vantage point overlooking Wollman Rink.

Scrambling Rocks, #scramblingrocks #rocks #centralpark #rainyday #nyc 2014
Scrambling Rocks

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Gapstow Bridge :: Empty Spaces 1

Gapstow Bridge, #GapstowBridge #Gapstow #CentralPark #NYC #2014 #fall #fallfoliage #fallincentralpark
Gapstow Bridge - Fall 2014 (from the Rocks)
It is not too often that I have the lower part of Central Park to myself.  There are ballfields and a playground on the West side and the always picturesque Gapstow Bridge and the Pond on the East.  It's the starting point for many a carriage and, more recently, pedicab ride.

So too, street performers populate the park south of 72nd street -- ranging from those who blow bubbles (Blowing Bubbles) to those who merely stand (Standing Still, Liberty Calling) to dancers, musicians, opera singers, puppeteers, and magicians (sadly I have posted no photos to my blog of these folks but they do exist -- particularly around the Band shell, Literary Walk, and Bethesda Terrace).

Gapstow Bridge, #GapstowBridge #Gapstow #CentralPark #NYC #2014 #fall #fallfoliage #fallincentralpark
Gapstow Bridge -- Fall 2014 (from the Path)
Knowing the marathon was today (November 2nd), I decided to brave the elements (rain and a bit of wind) for a photo walk yesterday.  I have to give credit where credit is due as my little rain jacket from #NorthFace and my #Nike running tights kept me warm for most of of my jaunt.  Sadly, my bag pack did get sopping wet but I had remembered to pack my spare lenses inside plastic storage bags so all was right with the world.  Most importantly my #Olympus OMD EM5 (weather sealed) held up in the rain as did both lenses that I used (one weather sealed and one not).

I was rewarded by a relatively empty park -- starting with the Gapstow Bridge and environs.  I have never been alone up on the rocks that overlook the bridge -- even on the coldest, snowiest days there is always someone else there.  And for sure, I've never had so much time for taking photos where the neither the bridge or the path was populated.  Heaven.

Gapstow Bridge, #GapstowBridge #Gapstow #CentralPark #NYC #2014 #fall #fallfoliage #fallincentralpark
Gapstow Bridge with Central Park Buildings in the Background - Fall 2014 (from the Rocks)