Sunday, November 2, 2014

Gapstow Bridge :: Empty Spaces 1

Gapstow Bridge, #GapstowBridge #Gapstow #CentralPark #NYC #2014 #fall #fallfoliage #fallincentralpark
Gapstow Bridge - Fall 2014 (from the Rocks)
It is not too often that I have the lower part of Central Park to myself.  There are ballfields and a playground on the West side and the always picturesque Gapstow Bridge and the Pond on the East.  It's the starting point for many a carriage and, more recently, pedicab ride.

So too, street performers populate the park south of 72nd street -- ranging from those who blow bubbles (Blowing Bubbles) to those who merely stand (Standing Still, Liberty Calling) to dancers, musicians, opera singers, puppeteers, and magicians (sadly I have posted no photos to my blog of these folks but they do exist -- particularly around the Band shell, Literary Walk, and Bethesda Terrace).

Gapstow Bridge, #GapstowBridge #Gapstow #CentralPark #NYC #2014 #fall #fallfoliage #fallincentralpark
Gapstow Bridge -- Fall 2014 (from the Path)
Knowing the marathon was today (November 2nd), I decided to brave the elements (rain and a bit of wind) for a photo walk yesterday.  I have to give credit where credit is due as my little rain jacket from #NorthFace and my #Nike running tights kept me warm for most of of my jaunt.  Sadly, my bag pack did get sopping wet but I had remembered to pack my spare lenses inside plastic storage bags so all was right with the world.  Most importantly my #Olympus OMD EM5 (weather sealed) held up in the rain as did both lenses that I used (one weather sealed and one not).

I was rewarded by a relatively empty park -- starting with the Gapstow Bridge and environs.  I have never been alone up on the rocks that overlook the bridge -- even on the coldest, snowiest days there is always someone else there.  And for sure, I've never had so much time for taking photos where the neither the bridge or the path was populated.  Heaven.

Gapstow Bridge, #GapstowBridge #Gapstow #CentralPark #NYC #2014 #fall #fallfoliage #fallincentralpark
Gapstow Bridge with Central Park Buildings in the Background - Fall 2014 (from the Rocks)

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