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@nel234: Instagram Update

In @nel234:  My Oh So Brief Love Affair with Instagram, I reported that @Instagram had locked me out of my account.  Since then,  I've tweeted "at them" a couple of times to no avail.  I also sent a couple of emails which just bounced back to me and there has been no answer to the queries that I've submitted to Instagram and Facebook (parent company) using their respective Web forms.  I even tried calling Instagram but the number I have is for calls about copyright violations only.

In the category of "picking myself up and dusting myself off," I've been trying out a super little app called StreamZoo -- it gets very good reviews from the technology types.  Here's my feed to date (to carry the analogy from the last post forward, I am in the early dating phase and taking things slowly so don't expect a lot of pictures).   Several things I like so far way fewer brands using StreamZoo (so far, I've only spotted Nikon and since I LOVED their feed o…

Playing with Snapseed

Photoshop frightens me.  A lot.
And, I've been missing Picasa ever since switching to iPhoto upon purchasing a MacAir (sorry Sony).  In fact, I just may try switching back this weekend.  Something I never would have attempted when my library was resident on the MacAir hard drive.  Hmm, I have to take that back, I did try it but then Picasa started to create its own library and my very small hard drive almost crashed and burned.  But now that my library lives off site as it were, it may be time to go back to an old friend.
In the meantime, I've been having fun with Snapseed after first acknowledging that I was bored with iPhoto in Rainy Day Garden.  Sometimes I use Snapseed and sometimes I use iPhoto.  Depends on how I'm feeling at the moment and on how the originals turned out.  To my mind, it's the digital equivalent of old school dark room magic.  
Riding the rails from DC to NYC today, I had some spare time (long day, only so much work one can do).  So I took the la…

@nel234: My Oh So Brief Love Affair with Instagram

Instagram broke up with me on July 9th.   It was the shortest "Dear John" letter I've ever gotten!  Apparently, I had violated the terms of use.

Hmm, you might be thinking, what exactly did Nancy do?

To be honest, I don't know.  I can tell you the last thing I did before I was summarily dismissed.  I had noticed that my short tag line had gone missing and had just finished adding it back in (having copied it verbatim from my Google+profile):

Advocate, writer, traveler, photographer, baker, collector of flotsam and jetsam. Any opinions are my own.
Within five minutes I got a notice about violating terms of use and that perhaps I should review those and the community guidelines.  The notice went on to tell me my account had been turned off and that anyone looking for me would not be able to find me nor would they be able to find any of my photos.  Not to put too fine of a point on this, there was no mechanism for retrieving my photos.  Fortunately, of the 600+ photos…


While I was on vacation with my niece Kristen, @Instagram terminated my account -- citing violation of terms of use.  More about that in my next post.  Here, I've pulled together the #Instagram photos (hopefully videos will follow at some point) that I had shared on Facebook or still had on my iPhone that were my contribution to Kristen's and my vacation #hashtag -- #thetravelingkristen (as referenced in my last post, Seattle Blue).

They are mostly from the city portions of our trip -- Seattle, Fairbanks, Anchorage, and Seward -- mainly because that is where we had Internet access (much to Kristen's delight I might add).

And, if you are wondering why I was terminated, I have no clue as to which Instagram term of use I violated.  Nor has  Instagram responded to my query (nor has Facebook for that matter).

Herewith, I give you #theTravelingKristen (last seen on July 9th on Instagram).



Seattle Blue

It’s the third day of my great Alaskan adventure with my niece Kristen.   The adventure was a present to Kristen before she heads off to college.  Her honorary aunt Donna outfitted her with all sorts of things  -- including knee high bamboo socks, which I can hardly wait to see.  We just spent two days in Seattle – acclimating to West Coast time and taking in some of the city sights.
I’ve been chronicling our journey on Instagram at #thetravelingkristen and #thebluebear (when the blue bear is in a photo a that is).  So far, we have discerned that Kristen manages her iPhone power better than I do OR that the 4S just eats more power than the 4.  I guess that’s why I’m carrying heavy battery packs around.  We hunkered down at the Sorrento Hotel for our Seattle sojourn.  Great little hotel – out of the fray of both the tourist hot spots (water front, public market) and business district (convention center). 
Our first stop in Seattle was to take in the Chihuly Museum and the Space Needle…

Vacation Mode