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Oceanside Horse Racing

Indian Castle Race Track, Nevis by Nancy Lundebjerg on 500px

Down a long, winding, and rutted road, there is a horse racing track (right next door to where the fishermen hang out).  Peter -- our most excellent host and friend -- had sent Julia (my niece and I) on another adventure.  This one to the edge of Nevis to see where the wild donkeys roam and where, on occasion, horses race.

There's no starting gate and the track is a little unkempt.  On the day we were there, it was all a bit neglected and desolate.  But one can imagine the colors, sounds, and smells of the Caribbean as some 2,000 residents and visitors gather for a day at the races.

The betting must be fast and furious here on race day and the concessions probably do a pretty brisk business.  I suspect that families come prepared with their own picnics and wonder how many are there for the races and how many come for the party.  Either way, it must b a very fun day.

And they're off!  The donkey's that is for on …

Fishing Boats - Nevis

Fishing Boats - Nevis by Nancy Lundebjerg on 500px
We were on the hunt for the oceanfront horse racing track on Nevis and veered right when we should have gone left.  In a nutshell, we found our way to the Atlantic Ocean and stumbled upon these fishing boats.

Did you know that Nevis has an Atlantic and a Caribbean side?  I didn't but now I do!

Adventures on Nevis: the Flower Truck

Flower Truck with a View (Nevis) by Nancy Lundebjerg on 500px

Nevis has a fair number of abandoned things -- sugar mills, houses, cars, boats and this overgrown truck that I spotted on the side of the main road.  Julia was a good sport and so we went back to investigate.  To get this shot, we did our best teenage boy imitation and crawled through a barbed wire fence.

The keys were still in the ignition as if the driver had just left to get a cup of coffee.  Fortunately, there was no skeleton inside the flower truck -- just lizards and likely a bug or two.  There's a grim beauty to how nature takes something over -- maybe in ten years the paved area will be gone as grass grows up through the concrete and trees take root.

Flower Truck by Nancy Lundebjerg on 500px

Abandoned Sugar Mill (Nevis)


Overheard On Nevis

Father:  We are going to hold a very important meeting when we get back to the room.  We are going to talk about one thing and one thing only.

I won't sugarcoat it for you, this is going to be difficult.

We need to choose the shells that we're going to take home.

Little Girl (with her head in her hands):  I knew this was coming.

The Blossom of the Shaving Brush Tree

Shaving Brush Blossom by Nancy Lundebjerg on 500px
There is a tree outside of our cottage at the Golden Rock Inn on Nevis that blossoms in the morning and by mid-day the blossoms have fallen to the ground. Bombax ellipticum -- or The Shaving Brush Tree -- a deciduous tree native to Mexico and Central America.

 Yesterday morning's harvest of flowers was quite bounteous. This morning's not so much.

Red Door at the Golden Rock Inn


Waves - Aruba

I love when I dream about the ocean -- which I did last night!  So here is a picture from last year's Panama Canal cruise which is making an encore appearance on this blog (Aruba Waves, or Last One on the Bus Again).  I love it that much!

Waves - Aruba by Nancy Lundebjerg on 500px








Glowing by Nancy Lundebjerg on 500px
I have to give a big shout out to Jason Waltman Photography for a very clear explanation of 500px in Getting Started with 500px and his follow up piece on My Thoughts on 500px Pulse 2.0.  It is so great to see someone passionate about their craft share their knowledge with others. His posts really helped me. And his photography is pretty darn spectacular too (Jason Waltman Photography or follow him on 500px).

As I reported in Sea of Red, I am working my way through my photos from last Spring in an effort to catch up before heading out with my camera to capture #Spring15NYC. In looking at work flow -- specifically: why are there so many "untouched" photos from 2014, I have a few reasons. Bear with me.

First, NYC is a bloom during the busiest time of my work year which means I get to spend time behind the camera but don't always have time to review, cull, and edit my work. As I wrote in Less is More, 2014 was also a year where I …

Artistic Beetle

This is from a long ago trip to Australia with my niece Julia and nephew Andrew.  It was sitting outside the John Dynon Art Gallery in Silver City.  This segment of the trip was totally a Nancy thing -- involving an expedition to the outskirts of the outback during the Australian summer.  It was hot.  We slept in an underground motel and visited with a man who had -- as Andrew put it -- created a junk yard inside of his vast cave.

I had an Olympus Utz on this trip -- a pretty nifty super zoom which was my go to camera for quite a long time before I broke down and upgraded to a camera with interchangeable lenses.  My nephew thought I took a lot of photos on that trip -- I would be afraid to take him traveling these days because that was nothing as the intrepid Nancy B (a frequent traveling companion) will attest!

The whole point of the trip was to get to White Cliffs to see the Opal Mines.  Interesting to say the least as these were pretty much single person mines.  It was the most am…

Sea of Red

I'm getting ready for spring 2015 by (finally) going through and editing the myriad of tulip photos from spring 2014.  And there are a bunch.  Spring is my favorite time of the year in the Conservatory Garden (Central Park) and the community garden that is near my apartment.  So I'm starting the count down a bit early.

I chose the red in honor of the final rose on the Bachelor.  Yes, sigh, I know I could be watching the Voice but that is what DVRs are for -- right?  #guiltypleasures

Standing Out in a Sea of Red (Sort Of) by Nancy Lundebjerg on 500px

Frozen Fountain

So it's been so cold in NYC that the folks at Bryant Park had to turn the water off in the Josephine Shall Lowell Fountain and chip some of the ice away.  That's cold.

And another great experience uploading a picture to and then linking back to this blog (see Trying 500px). 

Frozen Fountain by Nancy Lundebjerg on 500px