Thursday, March 26, 2015

Oceanside Horse Racing

Down a long, winding, and rutted road, there is a horse racing track (right next door to where the fishermen hang out).  Peter -- our most excellent host and friend -- had sent Julia (my niece and I) on another adventure.  This one to the edge of Nevis to see where the wild donkeys roam and where, on occasion, horses race.

There's no starting gate and the track is a little unkempt.  On the day we were there, it was all a bit neglected and desolate.  But one can imagine the colors, sounds, and smells of the Caribbean as some 2,000 residents and visitors gather for a day at the races.

Finish Line #FinishLine #IndianCastleRaceTrack #Nevis #Caribbean #horseracing #racetrack  ©2015 Nancy Lundebjerg
Finish Line
©2015 Nancy Lundebjerg
The betting must be fast and furious here on race day and the concessions probably do a pretty brisk business.  I suspect that families come prepared with their own picnics and wonder how many are there for the races and how many come for the party.  Either way, it must b a very fun day.

And they're off!  The donkey's that is for on the day that we visited the track was home to a rather large herd of wild donkeys.

Donkey Donkey Racing #IndianCastleRacetrack #racetrack #donkey #donkeys #caribbean #Nevis ©2015 Nancy Lundebjerg
Donkey Racing? 
©2015 Nancy Lundebjerg 

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