Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Artistic Beetle

This is from a long ago trip to Australia with my niece Julia and nephew Andrew.  It was sitting outside the John Dynon Art Gallery in Silver City.  This segment of the trip was totally a Nancy thing -- involving an expedition to the outskirts of the outback during the Australian summer.  It was hot.  We slept in an underground motel and visited with a man who had -- as Andrew put it -- created a junk yard inside of his vast cave.

I had an Olympus Utz on this trip -- a pretty nifty super zoom which was my go to camera for quite a long time before I broke down and upgraded to a camera with interchangeable lenses.  My nephew thought I took a lot of photos on that trip -- I would be afraid to take him traveling these days because that was nothing as the intrepid Nancy B (a frequent traveling companion) will attest!

The whole point of the trip was to get to White Cliffs to see the Opal Mines.  Interesting to say the least as these were pretty much single person mines.  It was the most amazing desert sunset from the top of that motel.  We won't spend too much time reminiscing about the giant spider in the staircase or the frog in the toilet (while, that frog was in the toilet in Broken Hill I think).

Broken Hill and Silver City, the other stops on the trip, are the homes of artists and have made appearances in movies -- including Mad Max and the Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert.  Mad Max is not much to my liking but everyone should see Priscilla.

Van Money
I hunted this photo down because I wanted to pay homage to #BetsyTheVanagon who is starring in Van Money with some humans I know.  Head on over to Who's Asking Productions to learn more about the film and how you can support these talented young film makers.  Admit it, you've always wanted to be a movie mogul and now's your chance!

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