Friday, March 13, 2015


I have to give a big shout out to Jason Waltman Photography for a very clear explanation of 500px in Getting Started with 500px and his follow up piece on My Thoughts on 500px Pulse 2.0.  It is so great to see someone passionate about their craft share their knowledge with others. His posts really helped me. And his photography is pretty darn spectacular too (Jason Waltman Photography or follow him on 500px).

As I reported in Sea of Red, I am working my way through my photos from last Spring in an effort to catch up before heading out with my camera to capture #Spring15NYC. In looking at work flow -- specifically: why are there so many "untouched" photos from 2014, I have a few reasons. Bear with me.

First, NYC is a bloom during the busiest time of my work year which means I get to spend time behind the camera but don't always have time to review, cull, and edit my work. As I wrote in Less is More, 2014 was also a year where I made a lot of resolutions -- all of which had the word "more in them." This ate up a bit of time. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it looks like 2014 was a breakthrough year for me in terms of my photo walks.  Basically, I broke out Central and Riverside Parks and began to cover a much wider swath of NYC.  I also discovered people -- commencing with a series that I did along the theme of from behind (an example of that is A Guy and His Dog) while meandering the byways of Central Park in 2014.   In a nutshell, some of the "more" of 2014 (most particularly the training for a half marathon) helped to expand my photography horizons.

As for this tulip, I am particularly proud of it because I know that i was practicing getting single tulips to pop out from the background sea of tulips.  This was -- and continues to be -- a bit of a challenge for me with my mirrorless camera system (an Olympus OMD Em5) so I was particularly pleased as I started to go through last year's photos to see how well I had done.

I must confess that I am getting excited about #Spring15NYC.  I am expecting to see some croci sprouts this weekend!

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