Saturday, January 3, 2015

Less is More

Panama Canal #PanamaCanal #HollandAmerica #cruise ©2014 Nancy Lundebjerg
Panama Canal
©2014 Nancy Lundebjerg
That, in a nutshell, is what I wrote down as my resolution for 2015.  Perhaps a reaction to the "more" resolutions that marked 2014 (Resolved).  As in walk more, see more art, go to more movies, and write more (which translates into blog more).

Don't get me wrong, I was not an abject failure on any of the 2014 resolutions but at times it seemed like there was a lot of things on my to do list.  So I took some short cuts.  Seeing more movies turned into catching up on all the great television series my friends had been raving about.  Weekend mornings often included a little binge watching as I moved through Downton Abby, Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Sherlock (of the Benedict Cumberbatch variety), Orange is the New Black, True Detective, and most recently Fargo.  The trick now will be to figure out when the next season starts so I can keep up with the post-show discussion.

Snowy Day in Central Park #SnowyDayinCentralPark #NYC #CentralPark #snow #winter ©2014 Nancy Lundebjerg
Snowy Day in Central Park
©2014 Nancy Lundebjerg
As for the walking, while I just added up my NikeFuelBand (Jan-June) and FitBit (June-Dec) stats and together they report that I took 2,762,256 steps in 2014. which adds up to over just over 1,155 miles.  That's a lot of miles!  I am a pretty slow walker (averaging about 3 miles/hour) which means I spent about 365 hours walking in 2014.  I also completed a half-marathon in Westchester (Completed) with my friend Linda (No Easy Feet).

The Evolution of God #theevolutionofGod #adrianvillarrojas #art #highline #NYC #publicart #sculpture ©2014 Nancy Lundebjerg
Adrián Villar Rojas, The Evolution of God (art on the Highline)
©2014 Nancy Lundebjerg
The walking and the seeing more art paired quite nicely and my Instagram feed (@nlundebjerg) provides ample evidence of that.  I also managed to see the Matisse exhibit at MoMA (and joined the Museum in the process) as well as Jeff Koons' SplitRocker at Rockefeller Center.  When the line for the Koons exhibit at the Whitney was too long, my friend Kate and I took in the Italian Futurism exhibit at the Guggenheim.  Still not sure what that art movement was all about (head scratch).  I also hunted down the Noguchi fountain that graces the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum -- finding a new perspective on the Temple of Dendur in the process.  The waning days of 2014 saw me visiting the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine (finally) to see the Phoenix.  Simply amazing -- both the church and the Phoenix (Phoenix Rising, On Phoenix Wings) .  But mainly, I saw free public and street art t -- including a memorable stretch of time spent hunting down the artist-decorated eggs that graced the city during #TheBigEggHuntNYC.  Fun.

From Behind :: the HIghline #FromBehindtheHighline #NYC #thehighline #frombehind #walker #assistivedevice ©2014 Nancy Lundebjerg
From Behind :: the Highline
©2014 Nancy Lundebjerg
As for writing more, I think I did a passable job with that particularly if one counts the micro-blogging I sometimes do on Instagram.  I just haven't been writing the way I envisioned when I made that resolution last year.  I was thinking I would do more of the kind of writing where I get lost in the writing and let it take me where I wasn't expecting to go.  Perhaps 2015 will bring some of that kind of writing -- just not going to make a resolution about it because I think that is part of what destroyed the flow.

Tied up in Colon #TiedupinColon #HollandAmerica #cruise ©2014 Nancy Lundebjerg
Tied Up in Colon
©2014 Nancy Lundebjerg
Although I didn't resolve to "travel more" in 2014, I took a couple of great trips.  The first was a  Panama Canal cruise followed by a stay in the Florida Keys and a day at the Everglades.  The second was the road trip through the American southwest where we took in Las Vegas, Zion, Bryce, the north rim of the Grand Canyon, and Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada.  Both were amazing trips.  

Tropic, Utah #TropicUtah #abandoned #fences #Utah #southwest #roadtrip ©2014 Nancy Lundebjerg
Tropic, Utah
©2014 Nancy Lundebjerg
I also didn't resolve to spend more time with my camera on the streets of NYC as opposed to Central Park but in reviewing my photos, that is what I appear to have done -- including a few trips to Times Square (Body Paint :: Times Square) and several walks across the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges (A Walk Across the Manhattan Bridge).   All in all, the photography served me well this year.  

As for 2015, looking forward to a year that is going to be built around the principle of less is more.  We'll see where that takes me. 

Manhattanhenge #manhattanhenge #nyc #sunset #midtown ©2014 Nancy Lundebjerg
©2014 Nancy Lundebjerg

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