Sunday, January 4, 2015

Lined Up

Nails in a Row #nailsinarow #construction #nyc #hudsonyards #steelplates #nails ©2014 Nancy Lundebjerg
Nails in a Row
©2014 Nancy Lundebjerg
Time to get back to the massive construction site that is the Hudson Rail Yard after taking an extended seasonal break to document the holidays in New York City.  Next up in the series are these sheets which were residing on a flatbed parked outside the yards.  I am more than a little befuddled about what they are used for.

If they have any left over, I think one would make great art (albeit a bit heavy for hanging on a wall).  I suspect that Xu Bing, creator of the Phoenix, would be able to figure out how to hang it.  The Phoenix is a massive sculpture, currently on display at the Cathedral church of St. John the Divine, that is made out out of leftover construction materials and tools (Phoenix Rising, On Phoenix Wings)

Shadows & Piles #shadowsandpiles #construction #nyc #hudsonyards #steelplates #nails 2014 ©2014 Nancy Lundebjerg
Shadows and Piles
©2014 Nancy Lundebjerg

The Series
#1:  Hudson Rail Yard
#2:  Just Two Hooks Hanging Out at the Yard
#3:  Tinker Toys
#4:  Tinker Toys in Reverse
#5:  Attic with a View
#6:  The Big Drill
#7:  Phoenix Rising
#8: On Phoenix Wings

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