Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Vacation Mode

Maybe the first sign of vacation mode is when your mind goes so completely blank that you can’t remember all the really cool things you thought you wanted to write about.  Well, I can remember them; they just don’t seem worthy of a whole post so here is a random smattering of thoughts written well on a plane from NYC to Seattle accompanied by photos from today's excursion to the Chihuly Museum.

#Chihuly, #Seattle #ChihulyMuseum

Instagram:  Love it.  I think it is the most fun of all the social media platforms I’ve been playing with – or on – since joining Facebook.  So many great photographers, so many beautiful images, and now video - what’s not to like?  

 Game of Thrones:  The perfect saga to read slowly over time.  If you tackle it, keep in mind that all characters appear to be disposable.  Indeed, some are so one dimensional that one wonders why they are even in the book.  Oh, wait, I know.  Someone has to die periodically to keep things interesting.

#Chihuly, #Seattle #ChihulyMuseum

Getting out of Central Park:  I’ve committed to getting out of Central Park every once and a while for forays to other parts of New York City.  It’s been fun and I’ve chronicled some of my excursions in Expedition KeithHaring, Art. Sofa. Rope., and A Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge.  In the process, I’ve seen some of the great public art that graces New York City including the summer 2013 installation at Rockefeller Center, Human Nature and the Noguchi cube in lower Manhattan.  

Canon or Nikon:  I am an Olympus girl, have been since forever but it may be time for an upgrade and I’m thinking of switching.  Maybe a better way of putting it is that I’m thinking of adding to my camera collection since the “time for an upgrade” is a bit of a mind game I’ve been playing with myself.   The reality is that the only thing the Olympus does not do well is low light.  This makes it not the ideal camera to take with you to photograph, let’s say, the Aurora Borealis.  Not that I have a trip to photograph the Aurora Borealis planned but one never knows.

#Chihuly, #Seattle #ChihulyMuseum

The #Bergdorf Mannequins:  I’m still waiting for some sign that David Hoey over at Bergdorf’s actually read That Place between Youth and Scattered Ashes (on GeriPal)  about how cool it would be if the mannequins in the #Bergdorf windows showed some diversity in terms of age and functional ability.  So far, the only sign that he might have heard about the post was a quote from him that was up on Facebook on the same day that I went live on GeriPal:  “The Mannequins are Sacrosanct.”  That is unless they are headless as is often the case.  The demographics are on my side on this one and I’ll just keep patiently waiting – it’s not like I mind stalking the #Bergdorf windows or anything. 

#thebluebear: Alice, a friend and colleague brought me a miniature of the Blue Bear sculpture that gazes down into the Denver Convention Center.  I have been having fun photographing him and posting to Instagram (#iameasilyamused).  So much fun in fact, that #thebluebear is coming to Alaska with me to continue on his #thebluebearadventures.  I can still see my brother Peter scratching his head as he posed with a Barbie doll at the Grand Canyon and saying “and Mom thinks I’m the crazy one.”

#CandyCrushSaga:  Stuck on level 159 for two weeks now.  Argh.

#Chihuly, #Seattle #ChihulyMuseum

#Ispeakinhashtags:   I am surprised that none of my friends have drawn an analogy between speaking in #hashtags and #speakingintongues.  After all, they are both an involuntary manifestation of being taken over by spirits.  In the case of #ispeakinhashtags, it is the spirit of the medium.  No, not the medium of many a séance but rather the social media medium.  #Twitter, #Instagram both demand some versatility with hash tags and now Facebook does too.  Soon we’ll all be speaking in run on sentences with no punctuation!

And that, my friends, is that for this particular post which is being written somewhere over the United States as my niece Kristen and I hurtle towards our grand Alaskan adventure.  But, first a few days in Seattle as a warm up and to accommodate a visit to…

The Boeing Plant:  Since I will probably never make it to the Paris air show, this is the next best thing.  It’s a tour of the Boeing plant – so big that I’ve heard that the employees ride bikes from one end to the other.  Should be fun! 

#Chihuly, #Seattle #ChihulyMuseum

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