Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Paths :: Empty Spaces 4

There are loads of paths and walkways in Central Park and my favorites are typically up in the northern hinterlands.  Mainly because they are less crowded than those below 72nd street.  Not so on the first Saturday in November (this is the fourth in a series that chronicles my rainy day walk through the lower park and that starts with Gapstow Bridge).

The walkway below is usually quite crowded given that it it is a fairly straight route for those who want to cut across the park from East to West (or West to East for that matter).   The only people stirring when I was there last Saturday were three guys.  On a normal (busy) weekend day,  Driprock Arch houses a musician (saxophone or violin being the norm) and the puddle marks the summer home of many a blower of big bubbles (Blowing Bubbles).  

Driprock Arch, #driprockarch #bridge #centralpark #nyc #rainyday #fall #fallfoliage 2014
Driprock Arch
The path below is one of the western exits from Bethesda Terrace -- taking you towards Cherry Hill, Strawberry Fields, and -- most importantly to me -- the stand of ginkgo trees that overlooks the Cherry Hill Fountain.  The fountain plaza is an obligatory photo stop for the carriage and pedicab rides that are ubiquitous in this section of Central Park (particularly during Cherry Blossom Season).  The ginkgoes,on the other hand, are an obligatory photo stop for whenever I find myself in this neck of the park.  And stop I did.  Alas, there were no golden tones to the leaves as of yet.  In maybe the only sad moment of the day, I moved on with nary a photograph.  The density of the leaves makes it oh so hard to photograph them with some some sunlight to create shadows (see Short Bursts: Golden Gingkoes and Mad About Fall Gingkoes).

Exiting Bethesda Terrace, #exitingbethesdaterrace #bethesdaterrace #centralpark #nyc 2014 #fall #fallfoliage
Exiting Bethesda Terrace
The lovely little path below takes one along the shores of the Lake into Wagner's Cove.  I discovered it  last fall when I followed a couple onto it from the paved walkway that leads west from Bow Bridge to Cherry Hill (When in Rome).  It was a bit wet and soggy but totally worth the detour.  But then again, getting off the beaten path generally is always worth the detour!

Wagner's Cove Path, #wagnerscovepath #centralpark #wagnerscove 2014 #rainyday #fall #foliage
Wagner's Cove Path

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