Sunday, November 10, 2013

When in Rome...

……. is what the man behind me said to his wife (or lady friend) as I meandered down a path off a Cherry Hill towards the lake.  If you are reading this because you think it is a post about a fabulous trip to Rome, you might want to stop reading now before you get disoriented by the pictures from Central Park.

The gingko trees above Cherry Hill are among my favorite in the park but I'd never traveled this particular path before.  It meanders along the edge of the cove, eventually landing at one of the old rustic boat landings.  The path provides slightly different angles on Bow Bridge and I finally got a couple of shots of that masterpiece that I like.

Bow Bridge, Central Park, NYC, 2013
Bow Bridge in Fall

Everyone takes pictures of Bow Bridge -- it's probably one of the most photographed spots in the park. I've happened upon photo shoots for many a bride and groom or engaged couple while crossing the bridge and unintentionally photo-bombed any number of tourists photos because, at some point, one has to seize the moment and just keep walking to get across the bridge.

Because everyone takes photos of Bow Bridge (professionals and us amateurs alike), I've steered away from doing so.  Oh sure, I've snapped quick photos as I wandered amongst the cherry blossoms in the spring but those never made it to the top of the heap when I got home.  

Maybe it's the new camera (Love at First Click and First Steps and New Toys) or maybe it was the angle from the path or maybe, just maybe, it was the words echoing in my head -- when in Rome...
Bow Bridge, Central Park, NYC, 2013
Bow Bridge, Central Park, NYC

As long as I am posting photos of things that many others take photos of, I might as well throw in  this shot of Gapstow Bridge.  In other words, when in Rome…

Boy on Rock, Gapstow Bridge, Central Park, NYC
Boy on Rock

Because I was following the trail to the jazz bands performing in the Jazz and Colors festival that had taken over the park yesterday, I also found myself on literary walk.  There is something so majestic about the trees that line that section of the park.  Hard to capture in a photo but when in Rome…

Trees, Literary Walk, Central Park, NYC
Stand Out

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