Saturday, November 16, 2013

Late Afternoon Walk In Riverside Park

Hidden Spaces, Riverside Park, New York City
Mysterious Spaces

Last Sunday, I forced myself out the door around 2:00 pm to run some errands and take a late afternoon walk in Riverside Park.  The day was a bit blustery and the park had an abandoned feel to it particularly as it got closer to dusk.

Closed for the Day, BikeandRoll Stall Riverside Park, NYC
Closed for the Day

Floating Docks

Under the Westside Highway, Riverside Park, NYC
Under the Westside Highway

Sunlight & Sailing, Sailboat, Hudson River, 79th Street Boat Basin, NYC
Sunlight & Sailing

Stairway up to the City, Riverside Park, NYC
Stairway up to the City 

Under the Westside Highway II, Riverside Park, NYC
Under the Westside Highway II

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