Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Expedition Keith Haring

Crack is Wack Playground, Keith Haring, 1986, public art, new york city
The Approach

Crack is Wack!, by Keith Haring, sits in the shadow of the Triboro Bridge. On a sunny Memorial Day morning, the site was quite deserted, a far cry from the busy street corners and plazas that usually "host" public art in New York City. There was only a young teen bouncing a basketball and a homeless man sitting near the art, shopping cart close at hand. Across the street, a car dealership and down the block a MTA bus transit center. There is something special about art that sits exactly where the artist created it. Particularly true for a piece like this that is as much social message as it is art. RIP Keith Haring RIP.

Crack is Wack, Snake Side, Keith Haring, New York City
Crack is Wack! - Snake Side

Crack is Wack!, Close Up, keith Haring, Public Art, New York city
Crack is Wack! - Close Up

Crack is Wack, Skeleton Side, Keith Haring, Public Art, New York City
Crack is Wack! - Skeleton Side

Triboro (RFK) On Ramp

Homeless in NYC, Crack is Wack Playground, NYC
Homeless in NYC

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