Sunday, August 25, 2013

Midtown Reflections

Last weekend, I wandered around midtown -- starting near the 59th street bridge and ending up over by Bergdorf's.  It was one of those days with fluffy white clouds floating against a blue sky.  The kind of day where buildings sheathed seem to disappear into the sky.

Queensboro Bridge Ref;ectopm. NYC
Queensboro Bridge Reflection
Roosevelt Island Tram, NYC
Roosevelt Island Tram Progression

420 East 61st Street, NYC
420 East 61st Street North

GM Building Reflected in the Apple Store, NYC
GM Reflected in the Apple Store

Solow Building, NYC
Solow Building


  1. Ohhh very nice indeed. Where's the 'like' button?

    You were right, Nanc...v. little words, and lots of purty pics...just my speed.

    I do love all of those reflections, and architectural angles. Esp the clouds reflected on the buildings...

    Thank you for sharing the beauty of your day(s)...with all of us.

  2. See, i thought you would like this one! Maybe I should grade them by number of words. LOL.