Saturday, August 29, 2015

That Time in Between

I am one week into the two week break between my first cataract surgery and my second (From Severely Myopic to....).   So far so good (knock on wood) -- I'm healing on schedule and there are no signs of retinal detachment.  Plus, my right eye tested at 20/20 which for someone who has been myopic since she was 10 is pretty darn cool.  Except for the two rats that I probably would not have seen on my walk last night in Central Park if not for this new right eye.

The only issue I've had is with reading and working on the computer -- which has made the last week a bit challenging.  This was not unexpected given that my left eye still requires a great deal of correction.  How much you might ask?  My eye glass prescription for that eye is -17.5 and my contact lens prescription is -12.  I am anticipating that I won't need correction for myopia in my new right eye but will need readers.  In a nutshell, a pretty big difference right now in refractive error (when light rays entering the eye don't meet directly on the retina causing blurred vision).

I do a little better on my lap top than on my work computer -- mainly because I can adjust it to the right and ignore what is coming in from my left eye.  It has definitely slowed me down though as I've had to accommodate for tired muscles around my new eye, headaches, and dry eye.  Not being able to rub my new eye does not help!  The other thing that does not help is my own drive to keep up with things despite this current challenge.  I've been moderately successful at slowing down (took a half day on Tuesday and worked at home on Wednesday) but it's always a challenge for me.

The good news is that this is likely a time-limited problem -- depending (of course) on how the surgery goes on my left eye next Friday.  Stay tuned.

A Couple of Asides
How excited was I when I remembered the #BGWindow display that included a phoropter (the machine that they use to figure out your eye glass prescription)?

The rest are photos from my post surgery walks with my new Olympus Air -- more on that another time. How cool is it that #Instagram now allows for landscape and portrait?

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