Monday, October 19, 2015

Expedition TWA Flight Center

Details Matter, the TWA Flight Center by Nancy Lundebjerg on

I knocked off a bucket list item yesterday -- visiting the TWA Flight Center that sits opposite the JetBlue terminal at John F. Kennedy Airport in Jamaica Queens.  It has been the object of my affections ever since I started standing in the cab line outside of the JetBlue terminal.  I just never seemed to be in NYC during Open House New York, a weekend where spaces that are typically not open to the public are open.  I just hope that Edgar Allen Poe can forgive me for jettisoning the plan to see his cottage up in the Bronx in favor of expedition TWA Flight Center with my friend Kate.

Who knew that two people who aren't innately fond of crowds would spend three hours in a very crowded venue in order to be sure that we saw pretty much every inch of the spaces that were open to the public.  And some inches we saw twice.  

Saarinen said that he sought to design  ‘…a building in which the architecture itself would express the drama and specialness and excitement of travel… a place of movement and transition."  

And that is what he did.

The TWA Flight Center Clock by Nancy Lundebjerg on

I'll be posting photos from Expedition TWA Flight Center over the next couple of weeks.  And I'm already thinking about the reasons I need to go back the next time there is an open house.  Chief among these being that I did not take a photo of the  defunct  Noguchi Fountain in the upper waiting area.

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