Thursday, November 26, 2015


Prayers for Peace by Nancy Lundebjerg on

Marking a day of Thanksgiving for all that I have with a gift to:

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees is focused on helping and supporting refugees -- including the Syrian refugees that have been the topic of much debate here in the United States.  It's a small gesture this gift of mine to this organization that does so much for so many.

The photo is a quick snap of the Prayers for Peace Ribbon Project, an initiative of the Marble Collegiate Church on 5th avenue in Manhattan.  Started in 2006, the different colored ribbons have different meanings.  The blue ribbons represent the congregation's prayers for the tens of thousands of civilians around the world who have been affected by conflict and war.  

The green ribbons represent their prayers for peace.

I hope we achieve world peace in my lifetime.  That would be something to be thankful for -- a world free of conflict and a world where there are no refugees. 

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