Friday, March 30, 2012

Short Bursts: Ginkgoes Emerging

So, that I love ginkgo trees should be readily apparent from previous posts to this little blog of mine.  They are coming to life these days here in the midst of New York City where they line city streets and are scattered throughout Central, Riverside, and other city parks.  It's a magical thing to see tiny little ginkgo leaves unpack from the tight confines of their winter homes.  I don't have time to do that much writing this week.  Or is it that I lack the brainpower to form full thoughts?    Hmm, at this time of night (after 11:00) and year (March heading into April), I am thinking it is the latter rather than the former.

So, herewith a few assorted photos that tell the story of ginkgoes over the past several weeks.  More to follow as the mood and the energy level match up.

Looking a bit like dinosaurs as the buds start to break open.....

Those leaves are just hankering to bust out......

And burst out they do.......

I love these trees.  My thanks to the Buddhist monks who saved them so many years ago.

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