Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wide Angle Fun

Leg Off Kilter (Coronado Beach, SD)

I recently purchased a Zuiko Digital ED 9-18 lens.  Translated into English, it's a wide angle lens.  Translated into plain English, the person walking on the beach in the photo above was maybe three feet from me as opposed to looking like she was miles away.  It's the perfect lens if you want to take big sweeping landscape pictures.
Tofino (Vancouver Island, Canada)

But what's the good of a one trick lens?  So, while up in Canada, I began to play with tilting the lens slightly upwards to see how it would do in capturing big trees.  Hmm, these are a lot bigger than they were in person.

A Walk in the Woods (Yukon, Canada)
Lately, I've taken it one step further and instead of trying to get the whole tree by tilting the lens slightly upwards, I've just been shooting straight up.  Nothing particularly earth shattering about that -- I'm sure it's been done before.  The resulting pictures do make me smile, perhaps even a little giddy.  As if I was lying under that tree on a warm day with nothing better to do than read a good novel, sip on a  cold lemonade, and every so often gaze up at the puffy clouds galloping across a deep blue sky.

All in all, gives new meaning to the word perspective.

A favorite Gingko on a Winter Day (Central Park)

A low hanging Magnolia Branch (and holding the camera close; Central Park)

Cherries in Bloom (Central Park, mid-March)
Cherries in Bloom (Central Park)


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