Thursday, January 17, 2013

365 Jackets in Search of the Perfect Pair of Pants

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Among my life goals is to have 365 jackets to wear when I am in assisted living.  I guess another goal would be to be able to afford to be in assisted living but I’ll stick with the jackets for today.

A secondary goal is to have seasonal variations of the perfect pair of black pants to wear with those jackets.  Pants that suit my figure perfectly, that are the right length, and that go well with what I suspect will be a really comfy pair of shoes with a good, thick, non-skid sole.  I already have an insert due to the arthritis in my big left toe.  Full-blown orthopedic shoes can’t be far behind. 

I know exactly the perfect pair of black pants.  I have multiple pairs in my closet as I write this.  They are Eileen Fisher wide leg black trousers with a yoked waist in washable stretch crepe.  No pockets.  No zipper.  They hang perfectly.  And they are OH SO comfortable and impervious to wrinkles.   

They also appear to have disappeared from the Eileen Fisher line.  They’ve been replaced by skinny-leg and straight-leg pants in the same fabric with the same yoked waist.  I brought a pair of the latter home with me recently without first trying them on.  Big mistake. 

 A Favorite jacket
A word about my body type is in order.  I am a pear.  I’ve got little narrow shoulders atop wide hips with a generous rear.  I am a pear when I am skinny at any weight. I did not inherit my parent’s long skinny legs.  I did not inherit their height.  I was the biggest baby in the family and am the smallest adult.  In a nutshell, I am 5’ 4” tall and a pear.   I’ve written in other posts about my forays into exercising and losing weight (Big Chicken and Me and My Mii).  There are some things that diet and exercise can’t change.   I am still a pear.

But back to the 365-jacket plan and getting Eileen Fisher to make the perfect pants again.  She needs to make them in both trouser and crop length and she needs to start making them soon!   Mine are beginning to show signs of wear and tear.   Frankly, I am not sure why she doesn’t have them in her line these days.  There must be other pears who, like me, want pants that don’t make them look like a rug that has been rolled up around a big beach ball.  Skinny. Wide. Skinny.   Perhaps us pears could come together and rise up and protest in front of one of her stores?  I’ve already commented on her Facebook page that they need to start making these pants again.  No response.

As to the jackets, I am slowly heading towards my target goal of 365.  The biggest problem there is that I tend to wear my favorites a lot and I’m not sure they will make it to assisted living.   I’m also not sure that is a good goal anymore.  You see, I also have this thing for vests.  Practically speaking, vests will be infinitely more comfy in assisted living. 

Either way, I do know that I’ll need those perfect black pants from Eileen Fisher because whether I go the vest or the jacket route, I’m still going to be a pear.

Can you hear me Eileen?

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