Saturday, April 13, 2013

Of Raindrops and Gingkoes

Central Park's Conservatory Garden, Raindrops, NYC

We had a rain storm yesterday -- a nasty one as a matter of fact (heavy downpours, winds, temperatures more befitting of March than of April).  Today was a bit warmer, mostly grey with blue patches every once and a while.  The rain had left it's mark though with fallen petals galore and the daffodils bending down instead of standing tall.  Here and there one could find leaves sparkling with rain drops.

Raindrops, Central Park, NYC
Rain Drops in Black, White, and Grey

Sadly, it looks like the spectacular tulips of the Conservatory Garden's  French garden (it also has an Italian and an English garden) are not to be this year as they continue to plant pansies where the tulips should be.   All is not lost though as English garden will boast some tulips soon enough.  Some of the gingkoes that dot the park are beginning to sprout their leaves.  Gingko buds are not all that big so it's pretty amazing when the leaves start to bust out.  These two trees are near each other in the area around Bethesda Fountain and offer the perfect juxtaposition of bud and pop.

Central Park, NYC, Gingko Bud
Ginkgo Bud
Baby Gingko Leaves, Central Park, NYC
Baby Gingko Leaves

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