Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Photo a Day: Seven Day Challenge (Day Four)

I am obsessed with Pandora.  I recognize that I am late to the game with this but now I am hooked.  So hooked that I even spent some time setting it up on my fancy SMART TV.  I am not as smart as the TV because that task took way longer than it should have (when it says use a computer, use a computer).  My favorite channel is the Bruce Springsteen channel that I am building one song at a time.

On to the photo of the day.  What would a seven day challenge be without a photo from the Bergdorf Windows?    This photo is of the Art Matters installation in February and is the window created by jewelry designer Laura Wass.  I always like the mixing up of what's on (and across) the street with what is in the window.

Art Matters, #BGWindows #laurawass #nyc 2014
Art Matters, #BGWindows

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