Sunday, February 14, 2016

Frozen Lake

When you wake up and it's 0 out and feels like -19, the best thing to do is to hunker down with a cup of hot coffee, catch up on Homeland, and troll your photos from that time you went to Canada to see the Northern Lights and really big waves.  That time when it was this cold and they took dressing you up for the weather really, really seriously (MushYukon ImpressionsOf Ice Fishing and S'Mores).

Walking on a Frozen Lake by Nancy Lundebjerg on

Yesterday was the first day that the sock monkey hat purchased in the Vancouver airport and the red wool buff purchased in White Horse came out so I could go on an expedition to see the frozen fountain in Bryant Park (Frozen, Frozen Fountain).  By the end of my little expedition, I was really wishing I had worn my really big mittens and had the parka wardrobe to choose from at the Inn on the Lake.

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