Sunday, February 7, 2016

Snow in the City

Strolling in the Snow by Nancy Lundebjerg on

I swear, I don't plan these things this way but I was away for the monster winter storm that the national weather service called Storm Jonas.  In fact, it was touch and go as to whether I would get home that Sunday but the intrepid snow removal crew at #JFK got the airport open in plenty of time for my plane to land and for me to make it home for the last quarter of the Patriots and Broncos game (we won't talk about the fact that my Patriots lost -- there is always next year).

This more recent storm was just not the stuff of weatherman's dreams so there was no build up to the big event.  It did turn Central Park into a winter wonderland on Friday morning.  It was the sort of snow storm that invites you into its arms as opposed to sending you running for the snow melt and salt.  The kind of storm that I like very much.

A year ago, I wrote about using photography as my daily mindfulness practice (Photography as Peace) and my Friday morning walk was a perfect example of that.  The nosiest things in the park were chirping birds and frolicking dogs.  There was a smaller than usual complement of runners and most walkers were intent on getting to their destination.  I am lucky that I live near the park and can fit in a walk there on my way to work.  And that is what I did on Friday morning -- emptying out my mind and being in the moment.

The Lake, Central Park, New York City, NY
The Lake, Central Park (© 2016 Nlundebjerg)

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