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Rolling Out (Still) by Nancy Lundebjerg on
Among those that we lost on 911were five firefighters from the Ten House.  The house, located in the shadow of the World Trade Center, was the first to respond.  I took this photo last week as Tower Ladder Ten (ladder 10 was buried under some 40 feet of rubble on 9.11.01) was rolling out to respond to a fire (engine 10 was close behind).  The courage of first responders never ceases to amaze me.

Voids and Beams by Nancy Lundebjerg on
A small element of this picture is the beams that were salvaged from the ruins of the two towers and that stand now in the 911 museum (the right side of the museum window).  Etched on the side of one is the word save.  One day, I happened upon the museum when these same beams rose up inside the reflection of the Freedom Tower -- old scars surrounded by new skin.

Individual Losses

Last year, I visited the Memorial on the evening of 911 -- long after the names had been read.  The walls of the fountain were full of flowers, flags, and even the occasional stuffed animal.
September 11, 2015 by Nancy Lundebjerg on

Flowers, September 11, 2015 by Nancy Lundebjerg on

This Bear, September 11, 2015 by Nancy Lundebjerg on

This morning, I forgot that I had photographed this bear, those flags, these flowers when I went hunting through my photos from 9.11.15.  I was on the hunt for a single, perfect photo of the Tribute in Light having  forgotten that I don't carry a tripod and that I was out and about with my Olympus Air last year.

These are photos of small mementos commemorating individual losses in a way that the memorial itself can not do.  Rather, the  911 memorial is a symbol of our collective loss.  It reminds us of that most terrible day when NYC came to a standstill and the world watched in horror.

I am glad that I thought to photograph this bear, those flags, these flowers last year.  For today, September 11, 2016, they reminded me that our collective loss is the sum of 2,996 individual losses.

Today, I am remembering the victims of 911.

Always Remember, Never Forget

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