Sunday, September 18, 2016

Expedition Richard Serra (the 2nd)

Every Which Way (Richard Serra) by Nancy Lundebjerg on

Richard Serra is back at the Gargosian with three massive sculptures of the forged steel slab variety.  These pieces were not on the same scale as those I saw back in 2014 (Expedition Richard Serra) but, just like that time, I found myself feeling pretty small and insignificant.  And I was reminded while revisiting my prior post that I really do want to see his work outside.  And, now that I've read the NYTimes review, I am a little bummed that I missed NJ-1, 2015.  That's the thing about NYC, if you blink, you can miss the art.

If I had to explain what I like about Serra's work, it would probably boil down to the patina on the steel.  Let's just say, there is something about rust that I find extraordinarily appealing.  And much of his work could be categorized as rust on a grand scale.  

Through (Richard Serra) by Nancy Lundebjerg on

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