Sunday, October 30, 2016

Expedition: Rose Reading Room

Closed Book by Nancy Lundebjerg on

I made a very short expedition to the Rose Reading room at the New York Public Library having heard it was finally re-opened after being closed for renovation for two years (or forever depending on how you feel about the Rose Reading Room).  It was closed in 2014 because one of the rosettes that decorates the ornate beaux arts ceiling had fallen down.   Because of my ankle boot (yes, I fractured my ankle, long story for another blog post), the expedition was relatively short as these things go.  Which was a good thing because once I was back out on the street it was hard to get a cab and Uber was charging double.

Once I'm out of this boot, I plan to go back -- and when I do, I'll be packing my wide angle lens because this room really deserves a photo that takes in the whole perspective.

Always Look Up by Nancy Lundebjerg on

The short, empty red hallway was just a bonus on my way to the ladies room.

Red Hallway by Nancy Lundebjerg on

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