Sunday, October 9, 2016

VW Camper Bus - Two Ways

An Artistic VW Bus (1) by Nancy Lundebjerg on

The intrepid Nancy B and I recently took a jaunt to the Salton Sea and environs.  Along the way, we saw two very different ways of restoring VW camper vans.  I prefer the bling on the VW van in East Jesus.  Although I still dream of rolling down the highway in a restored VW camper van.  There are rumors that VW will be debuting the 21st century version of it's iconic van at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas in early 2017.  Be still my beating heart.

A Road Worthy Pair of VW Buses (3) by Nancy Lundebjerg on

Artistic VW Bus (2) by Nancy Lundebjerg on

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