Friday, December 14, 2012

Enough is Enough

Through the Trees
Today, there was a massacre of children.  It is completely and totally heartbreaking.  It is also completely and totally senseless.

28 people are dead.  20 of them are children.  It is the second worst mass shooting in the United States.  The worst was at Virginia Tech in 2007.  32 people died that day.  The carnage today exceeds that of the 1999 shooting at Columbine High School (13).  Worse yet, there have been 181 school shootings in the United States since Columbine.

Those were senseless events and this is a senseless event,

Once again, we are asking ourselves why.  We are holding vigils.  We are transfixed by the images of parents hugging their children.  They are the lucky ones.  Their children survived the carnage.    Once again, we are hearing stories of the teachers who hid kids in closets.  The responders who asked children to hold hands and close their eyes so that they would not see the carnage as they were led from the building.

Mercifully, the community has come together and shielded the parents and families of the dead from our prying eyes.  Even without seeing, we know their loss.  We are sending a national hug as our hearts break at the thought.  Mass shootings are senseless. Mass shootings involving children are unfathomable.

Who committed this act?  A 24-year old man with access to guns.

A Glock.  A Sig Sauer.  A semi-automatic rifle.

Recoleta Angel
We may never know what caused him to do this.    What we do know is how he did it.  He did it with those guns he carried.  And we know the first step we need to take on the road to making it harder for this to happen in the future.

We need to step up and tell the President and Congress that it is time to take action on gun control. Please sign this petition at

Immediately address the issue of gun control through the introduction of legislation in Congress

Call or write your Congressional Representatives.

Find your representative in the House

Find your Senators

Tell them that the first step on the road to reducing gun violence in this country is reducing access to guns and ammunition.

Tell them all that enough is enough.  Tell them that we are better than this.

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