Sunday, December 2, 2012

The #BGwindows' Follies

#BGWindows Upside Down Girl Band (Partying All Night)

OK, I admit it.  I am obsessed with the Bergdorf Goodman windows.   Bergdorf, with Saks and Lord & Taylor's (L&T) is the last of the grand dame department stores that used to line 5th Avenue.  Yes, Bonwit Teller still exists (just down the street from Bergdorf' as a matter of fact) but it is a pale shadow of what it once was -- a mish mash of items priced to sell to the hoardes of tourists that populate mid-town.  Bergdorf's (as my mother would say). on the other hand, remains the kind of store that is an destination in and of itself -- so big that it takes up not one but two street corners at 58th & 5th.  Now that's a store!

But I digress.  The 2012 Bergdorf holiday windows have been revealed!  And, oh what a wonder they are to behold.  Did I say I was obsessed?  

#BGWindows Featherful Under Construction
A small confession, I am not obsessed enough to wend my way to 58th and 5th during the wee hours of the morning – that time between dark and full daylight.  Urban legend has it that  this is the BEST time photograph them.  Instead, I just work my way around the crowds using a combination of Instagram, my Olympus, and my regular iPhone camera.  I have not yet tried the Lytro -- the depth of field isn't quite deep enough to suit that camera's particular niche but I'll tote it along next time I go to see what I can do.  

The 2012  windows are themed around the follies of the 1920s and, as always with Bergdorf’s, are  spectacular on a scale that no other retailer can quite match.  Even more fun -- this year Bergdorf has gone gaga over social media – their professional photos of the four 5th avenue facing windows can be found on 5th/58th (the BGblog). They've also posted a behind the scenes peek at what goes into creating these windows.  

An added bonus this year is that Bergdorf’s is running the #BGwindows Instagram challenge.  The prize?  A prop from the windows!  Oh, I don’t know quite what I would want if I were so lucky as to win.  The obvious choice – in the go big or go home scheme of things – would be the polar bear (although he is not appearing in the windows this year). He might not fit in my apartment though.  I think one of the smaller mannequins – with costume – would be my choice.  I've been particularly attracted to a small fairy in a corner  as attested to by my paparazzi-like stalking of her.  there is something so delicate about her.  And, as an added bonus, my Instagram of her (center image below) made it on to The Bergdorf Goodman Swipe over on Tumblr (where the hip that walk among us blog).  

#BGWindows Small Fairies in Corners (hanging out 24/7)
A girl can hope!

Herewith some shots taken over the last couple of weekends.  I am sure I will be visiting the #BGWindows several times between now and January 3, 2013 when Bergdorf begins the process of bringing in a new window display (by the by, the Bergdorf windows are worth a visit anytime of year -- this team is that good).  That is assuming the December 21, 2012 which is the end of the Mayan calendar is not also the end of the world!
#BGWindows Featherful Flirt (Day)
#BGWindows Featherful Flirt (Night)

#BGWindows Speak to Me (Day)
#BG Windows Speak for Me (Night)
#BGWindows Mirror, Mirror (Day)
#BGWindows Mirror, Mirror (Night)

#BG Windows Understudy (Day)
#BG Windows Supporting Actor (Night)

#BGWindows Upside down Girl Band (daytime play date)

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