Friday, December 28, 2012

Scribbles and Photos

Reflections of Me
Renaming my blog turned out to be a bit more of an adventure than I had expected.  Not quite the dramatic story arc of the first season of Dexter (which I am mid-way through on this extended stay-cation) but an adventure none the less.

As an aside:  All photos in this post are of the Mirror Mirror Window -- one of Bergdorf Goodman's 2012 holiday windows (see The #BGWindows Follies for more photos from the #BGWindows).

Why rename it you might ask?  It's complicated.

Answer 1
I was bored.  Bored as in my living room has been arranged this way for too long and it's time for a change kind o' bored

Answer 2
The title was misleading.   Anyone stumbling on my blog might think it's a blog about traveling by its former title (The World Awaits Me) and it isn't.  While, sometimes it is but mainly it isn't.  For the record, travel posts are the most popular on the blog.  A sign that it is time to hit the road again.

A Handful of Mirrors
Answer 3
I'm remaking my home so why not the blog too?!  Change is good, right?

Answer 4
The title didn't fit who I am.  Now we're getting someplace.  Let's explore that a bit.

The World Awaits Me (TWAM) was just a bit too trite for me.  I know what I wanted to evoke when I chose it (adventure, optimism, curiosity).  And, to be fair, the title does evoke all of that but it misses the mark in terms of what I've been doing with this blog of mine.  It's mixed lot of posts, that's for sure.  There are the serious posts (Knowing, Remembering, Enough), the travel posts (Lions Eating Dinner, My Tofino, My Rapa Nui, Paradise Lost) and the photography buff posts (Wide Angle Fun, Lytro: A Cloudy Day Camera, The Cameras).  There's posts about Pinterest (My Online Gallery), a post about gardens (Southern Gardens), posts that are gardens (Tulip Pairings) and posts about spaces I dream of living in (White Box, Big Waves).  I've been mulling over the mismatch between TWAM and my posts for a couple of months now -- procrastinating (as always) because I thought it would be too hard to change and I didn't just want to abandon TWAM and start anew.

Turns out changing the name was the easy part -- finding a new name was much harder.   I thought I had hit upon it with "An Eclectic Woman" but alas that blogspot URL was taken by the Tasmanian Minimalist.  So I settled for "An Eclectic Mind" -- which lasted all of about 48 hours as I soon realized that Maria Langer is writing a quite wonderful blog on her website called (drum roll) An Eclectic Mind.

Mirror, Mirror Full Size
So the hunt began in earnest for a blog name (and corresponding URL) that would fit this blog.  OK, does anyone know how many "blog stubs" there are out there (my name, I think I'll trademark it).  What's a blog stub?  A blog with one post that was started and then abandoned.  There are also blog URLs with NO blog -- that are (mysteriously) unavailable.  And then there are blogs that look to have been quite wonderful but that have been abandoned, precipitously with no warning to readers or followers.  One wonders what happened to those bloggers and wishes they would come back to write one last good bye.  A blog suicide note as it were.  Or, if they've moved on to a new blog, a trail of bread crumbs to show the way to their new home.  Something.  Anything. (And, yes I left a note at TWAM saying I'd moved and giving my new address.)

Lest you think Scribbles and Photos is just a way station while I wrest one of those abandoned blog names out of Google, it is not.  It popped into my head as I was cleaning out drawers yesterday.  Not bureau drawers but desk and armoire drawers.  Drawers where papers and photos (and photo CDs) tend to collect.  I slept on it overnight, mulled it over today, and poked around on the Web to make sure no one else had had the same idea.  They hadn't and so I snagged it on blogspot and then I took the extra added step and snagged the domain --  at GoDaddy.  In the last hour, I learned how to point my domain to my blog but have yet to learn how to "mask" my blogspot address.  Maybe something to look into tomorrow or next week or never.

For now, I am contentedly settling into my new home here at Scribbles and Photos.  Getting myself organized for a new year and wondering if Google images will now recatalogue all my photos to this URL.  Only time will tell.

Golden Reflections

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