Monday, March 25, 2013

Head Shots

There was a lot of playing with perspective in the Bergdorf Goodman windows (#BGwindows) this past weekend where proper salons featured mannequins bedecked in Dior.  I don't know if David Hoey was channeling Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face or maybe in Breakfast at Tiffany's or maybe just Audrey in Dior but these windows sure did remind me of her (may she rest in peace).

It only seemed fitting to play with perspective too by cutting out the fashion and letting the mannequins take center stage.  The sun obliged me and there were reflections galore at mid-day on the avenue.  So, without further ado, some fun mannequin head shots paired with random near by sculptures (you didn't think I was going to buy photos of Audrey, now did you?!?) .

Ethereal, Mannequin Head Shot, Bergdorf's, NYC, #BGwindows

Daniel Webster Statue, Central Park, NYC (near 72nd Street)
Snow Capped Daniel Webster

Tribal Shadows, #BGWindows Mannequin Head Shot, Bergdorf's, NYC
Tribal Shadows

Enemy, United Enemies, by Thomas Schutte, NYC,
Enemy (United Enemies)

Mod,  #BGWindows Mannequin Head Shot, Bergdorf's, NYC

Enemy 2 (United Enemies)

Moody,  #BGWindows Mannequin Head Shot, Bergdorf's, NYC

Sherman Statue, 59th & 5th, NYC
Sherman Statue

No pairing needed....

Bergdorf Windows, Dior, #BGfollies, new york city

I do so love the #BGWindows, sigh (Wow!, #BGWindows Follies).

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