Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Water Falls

Water Fall in the North Woods of Central Park
I got home fairly late tonight and so don't have much energy to write anything lengthy.  It's that point in the year when time starts slipping away like water flowing downstream.  Seems fitting to post some photos of -- you guessed it -- water from the weekend.  These are from two of my favorite spots in the North Woods -- the smaller falls that dot the stream that traverses the ravine.  I've written about these falls in the past in Big City Nature.  all I can say is that it is a year later and I still haven't worked on shutter speed (as opposed to aperture) when it comes to the manual settings on my camera.  And, I am still having fun using the preset sport/action setting on occasion -- amazing what a difference that makes in the image one captures.

Water Fall in the North Woods of Central Park
Splish Splash

Central Park Waterfall
Waterfall in Central Park's North Woods

To end the series -- shot from above of a log perched on a rock above the smaller falls and shot of a twig trapped at the bottom.  

Central Park Waterfall with small log perched above
Precarious Perch
Central Park Waterfall with twig
A Matter of Time

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