Monday, March 18, 2013


I am a bit behind in reporting that I won the #BGwindows Instagram challenge with a Handful of Mirrors.  I guess I needed some time to savor being selected from amongst all the entries and having it be one of my personal favorites made the victory all the more sweet.

My favorite part of winning?  What David Hoey said about my photo:
A Handful of Mirrors, #BGWindows, #BergdorfGoodman, #NYC
A Handful of Mirrors

“The winning photograph captured the spirit of the overall window display while lending a haunting, nostalgic quality. The photo went beyond simple documentation. It is successful as a stand-alone work of art.” (from 5th/58th)

Wow!  That is an amazing compliment coming from David Hoey -- the man behind the Bergdorf windows.  You can read the full report on the two winning photos on 5th/58th, the Bergdorf Goodman blog.   And if you want to read about my obsession with the aforesaid windows that can be found in The #BGWindows' Follies.   Being a lover of reflections, the mirror window was my favorite -- delivering variations as endless as the steady stream of 5th avenue traffic passing by.

The prize was a Recording King Metal Resonator Ukulele made out of European bell brass -- a prop from the homage to Marilyn Monroe window.  I never could quite capture this ukulele in the window -- but there is a great shot of it on Sharon Birke's blog, Powerful Goddess Portraits.

I initially thought that this corner of my living room where my prize landed would be a temporary home but it's fitting in quite nicely sitting  below what could be a homage to one of Hoey's windows featuring as it does my fantastical story teller doll from Wendy Ellertson and a folding ruler that used to belong to my dad.  I like it with my book of Glorious Gingkos and, if you look closely enough, that just might be a reflection of me in the photo on the left.

Mixing Objects
My Uke Up Close

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