Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Iris Buds

White Iris #iris #whiteiris #flower #conservatorygarden #centralpark #nyc 2014
White Iris
This morning I had a colonoscopy -- my third in 15 years (to learn more about colonoscopy and cancer screening, visit the NIDDK website.  It was clear and I don't have to go back for another ten.  #woohoo or something like that.  I'll be Medicare eligible by then!  Fingers crossed that the technology keeps improving or that they come up with an easier way of prepping for this particular procedure.

Since I was home "cleansing" yesterday, I decided to tackle the hard drive of my Mac.  I am new to Macs having always had windows computers before.  Those were always easy to care for when it came to storage -- this Mac, on the other hand, is a big mystery.  Particularly that category called #other -- which is Apple speak for anything that doesn't fit neatly into Apple defined categories (e.g., music, photos, videos).   I learned a few things while trying to clean this hard drive of mine -- like my iTunes library was housing a whole bunch of apps that I could delete since I now download and update directly from the App store.  All told, I freed up 30 GB of hard drive space but that mysterious "other" is still occupying the bulk of my hard drive real estate and I may need to go to an Apple store to see the geniuses to deal with that.

On Friday I signed up for not one but two half-marathons this fall.  Gulp.  The first benefits is along the Bronx River Parkway -- the 2014 Westchester Medical Center Running Festival.   The second is closer to home -- the Frozen Bonsai Half Marathon.  I can walk to and from this one.  Which is a good thing because I'm going to have to pick up my pace if I want a medal (3:00 time cap).  

OK, on to the iris buds that are the bookends to this post.  I usually am out of sync with the iris crop in Central Park but managed to catch a few buds on Saturday and Sunday as well as some iris in full bloom (for another day).  

Iris Bud  #iris #irisbud #flower #shakespearesgarden #centralpark #nyc 2014
Iris Bud


  1. That "other" space at least on an iPhone i was told that you need to dump everything and reset factory defaults. And that didn't work then they gave me a new phone because it took up 3 GB of my phone!

  2. i remember how annoyed you were with the mysterious "other" on your phone. I had my "other" squarely in my sights but it looked to be back ups and so I refrained from deleting. seems like a job for the geniuses at Apple if there was ever a job for them!