Thursday, May 7, 2015

Shades of Orange

There is that moment when you realize your photo will never make it off the Fresh page on 500px because someone else has uploaded a bunch of photos in the same category and within  a matter of minutes to the hinterlands of Fresh.    Apparently, as in most of life, timing is everything on 500px and Kwanzan Cherry Blossom Walk II will never be as popular as Kwanzan Cherry Blossom Walk

As for this photo, it made it onto the upcoming page and has a fighting chance of making it to popular.  It's the opposite of Sunny Morning Tulips in terms of what I was hoping to achieve with my new lens (the Olympus M Zuiko f/2.8).  For this one, I wanted it to be sharp throughout and so it is.

It's also a veritable festival of shades of orange.

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