Monday, May 18, 2015

More from the Two Bridge Walk

In Two Bridge Walk, I reported that I had walked the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge and strolled around Chinatown and Mulberry Street fora while. here are some more photos from that expedition -- given how far I walked (almost 8 miles!) -- there will probably be more photos to follow. For the Mulberry Street part of the walk (Little Italy), I was practicing shooting from the hip -- hence this slightly off-kilter photo below.  Which, truth be told, I kind of love.

One of my primary reasons for taking this walk was to see Tom Fruin's Stained Glass House which has been installed in Brooklyn Bridge Park since last October. It had taken me a bit of time to get here but it was well worth the trip. Although I am not on the same quest to see more art that I was in 2014 (Resolved), I am still trying to catch the public art that graces NYC. This is a particularly wonderful installation. Alas, it is only in the park until June 2015.

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