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Snowy Vermont Country Road, #snow #snowstorm #hercules #vermont 2013
Snowy Vermont Country Road
I took a little break from this blog o' mine after finishing up 31 Days of Holiday Windows with a #flipagram on December 31st.  I have to admit it was tough feeding the beast for 31 days straight.  Doing so seemed to draw more of the zombie bots that troll the web in the hopes that you'll click back to their site (commonly known as referrer spam).  Rule to Live By:  Just don't click through anything with vampire, zombie, secret, or other odd words in it and you should be fine.

It being the start of 2014, I thought it would be good to write down some of things I've resolved to do "more of" in 2014.  I'm not a big one for New Year's resolutions (this is the first time I've made any in years), so it will be interesting to see if I keep these.  The photos accompanying this post are from a mid-storm walk (Vermont) and post-storm walk (NYC) as Hercules blew in to help us celebrate the New Year.

Walk More.
With my re-engineered toe feeling better every day (Wiggling My Toes, Bending My Toes to name just two posts devoted to the subject of my toes from last September and October), I am planning to walk more this year with the goal of walking a half-marathon sometime this fall.  Of course, my doctor has to approve that last part (walking the half marathon) but I'm not anticipating that will be a problem.   I'm off to a rocky start with this resolution as Hercules blew into town and the one thing that seems to bother my toe is walking in my winter boots.  So, today, I broke out the Wii -- which promptly provided me with all sorts of helpful feedback.  Shades of Me and My Mii kinds of feedback.  The good news is that I am pretty much in the same place when I wrote that post back in September 2011.

Go on More Art Expeditions.
At the beginning of the summer of 2013, I decided that I would get out of the park (Central Park that is) at least once a month and see more of New York City.  Some of my best adventures have been to see art (Expedition Keith Haring, Art. Sofa. Rope., Expedition Bansky) -- particularly free public art -- and I plan to continue to make time in my schedule to see art.

Bow Bridge in Winter, #hercules #snowstorm #bowbridge NYC 2013
Bow Bridge in Winter

See More Movies.
I'm off to a good start on this one having seen more movies in the past two weeks than I'd seen in the twelve months prior.  In rank order of preference -- American Hustle, Inside Llewyn Davis, Saving Mr. Banks, and the Hobbit:  Desolation of Smaug.   American Hustle is just a smidgen better than Inside Llewyn Davis - mainly because of the acting.  You know it's great acting if you forget who people are (namely Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, and Jennifer Lawrence).  The other great piece of acting was Emma Thompson in Saving Mr. Banks -- she was glorious as PJ Travers.  As for the Hobbit, the book is infinitely better than this overly long and somewhat soggy three- part series that Peter Jackson has created.  Sure, the special effects are wonderful but this is a pretty slim story to begin with and three movies (long ones at that) is a bit much even for this J.R.R. Tolkien fan.

Blog More.
I am going to try to blog more.  I miss this kind of writing when I'm not doing it and with all the other things I'm saying I'm going to do "more", I should have lots of things to blog about!

And there you have it, my "resolves" for 2014.  I'm exhausted just thinking about them.  As for where I will find the time, if I cut down on my Law & Order habit, I'll easily gain 2-4 hours a week!

The Horses of Central Park #Hercules #Snow #snowstorm NYC 2013
The Horses of Central Park

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