Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Walk along the Hudson

Feed the Birds, #riversidepark #birds  #seagulls #pigeons NYC 2013
Feed the Birds - Still
Yesterday, I went for a walk along the Hudson River.  I traveled light (read no camera) because the goal was to see if I could walk three miles (the starting mileage for actually training for a half marathon,  Resolved).  I made the goal and then some -- hitting about four miles all told after running some errands.  My new Nike fuel band faithfully reported to me that I had a blip in the middle of my walk where I came to a stop.  That was for two reasons.

79th Street Boat Basin Reflections, #RiversidePark #HudsonRiver #boats NYC 2013
79th Street Boat Basin Reflections
The first was the five minutes or so I spent watching an older woman feed the birds bagels and other bits of bread.  Unlike most bird feeders, she was throwing out chunks of bread which made for some interesting tussles among the pigeons, gulls, geese, and ducks that awaited every crumb.  Shortly after, as I started up again, I tripped and fell.  Certainly not my most spectacular fall ever but jarring none the less.  Two wonderful New Yorkers rushed to my aid.  We are not such a big cold city after all.  

Preservation:  High and Dry, #annekuchelrabinowitz #models2monuments #m2m #riversidepark NYC 2013
Preservation:  High and Dry :: Anne Kuchel Rabinowitz
I confess that I took a bunch of pictures while walking so even though I made my distance goal, I'll clearly need to work on time.  Particularly if I don't want to take 100 hours to walk a half marathon.  Or perhaps I should start carrying my Lytro on my walks -- the very nature of that camera was made for not stopping to take a picture but rather just holding it up and keeping on walking (Along the Hudson). 

Ringo :: Reina Kubota, #reinakubota #RiversidePark #ModelstoMonuments #m2m NYC 2013
Ringo :: Reina Kubota

Gulls. Pigeons. Seagulls.

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