Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Year of the Horse

The Year of the Horse in Technicolor #BGWindows #NYC 2013
The Year of the Horse in Technicolor
I confess, it took me a while to figure out that the 58th street windows at Bergdorf Goodman might (just might mind you) be celebrating the Year of the Horse.  I think that it took longer because the horses look a lot like pinatas what with their vivid stripes.  These windows are always particularly hard to photograph because of the reflections.  In this iteration,  the horses seem to disappear into the tress in the black and white version of the photo above (below).

The Year of the Horse in Black & White  #BGWindows #NYC 2013
The Year of the Horse in Black & White
On the eve of Chinese New Year, it seems appropriate to check into see where I am in what I am going to call my "more" list (as in I'm going to do more of this and more of that -- see Resolved).

Walk More.  I am!  Walking more that is.  I've determined I can walk between four and five miles at a stretch (baseline for training to walk a half marathon is 3 miles) and now I just need to walk faster.  The biggest problem there is my photographer's eye which wanders a bit.  Oh, and that causes falls like the epic one I took on my first long walk where I tripped and landed hard on my left knee.  Doesn't appear to be permanent damage but I really gotta work on looking where I am going.

Broomstick #graffitti #graffitimural #nyc #chelsea 2013
Go on More Art Expeditions:  I am not sure that this is a stretch goal in NYC where there is art in the most unexpected places.  As an example, I stumbled upon a door at 102 Greene Street in Soho that was sculpted by Bill Tarr sometime in the 1960s when he and his wife resided there.  Next to it was a very sculptural beam.  This was last night when I was working on "Walk More"so I'm just not sure such finds should count towards going on more art expeditions but I'm counting them anyway.  And, one of my favorite photos from this past weekend, is of art that I espied when going on an aborted art expedition in Chelsea (galleries were closed).  It's from a graffiti mural painted on the side of the Kove Brothers Hardware Store in Chelsea.  Does owning a picture of a broom make up for not having a broom to call my own?

See More Movies:  Well, I went from seeing barely any movies in 2013 to seeing Saving Mr. Banks, Inside Llewyn Davis, American Hustle, the Hobbit movie, Blue Jasmine (on demand), and Philomena since Christmas.  Plus, I binge-watched Downton Abbey over the course of two very cold and wet weekends.   I have a ways to go if I am going to see all the movies nominated for best picture -- particularly given that there are some movies that I'm really not interested in seeing (e.g., Gravity).

Blog More:  For this one, it depends on whether we measure my output against last month (31 days of #BGwindows) or against last January (4 posts).  I'm leaning towards the latter and so six posts in January is blogging more.  Plus there is the "mini-" blogging that I've been doing over on #instagram (@nlundebjerg) when I post a photo of a piece of art, a landmark, building, or something else that warrants explanation.  Jury is still out on this one -- we'll just have to wait and see what the year of the Horse brings.

Happy New Year!

Hudson River Ice Floes :: Polar Vortex Redux #NYC #hudsonriver 2013
Hudson River Ice Floes :: Polar Vortex Redux

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